Updated News Brief July 2023

Association of African Universities (AAU) and IUFoST begin collaboration

The invited Goodwill Message from IUFoST to Association of African Universities Biennial Conference of Rectors, Vice Chancellors and Presidents of African Universities (COREVIP) was delivered by Prof. Ogugua Charles Aworh, President, International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST). He emphasized that food insecurity, poverty, poor nutrition and health are among the leading developmental challenges of Africa captured in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The theme of this year’s Conference 'Advancing Excellence in African Higher Education' is particularly apt and underscores the partnership between IUFoST and the Association of African Universities in supporting Food Science and Technology Education in Africa through capacity building, curriculum development, international benchmarking of degree programmes, development of training programmes, as well as promoting food production and agro-processing.  The need for global partnerships to promote excellence in African Higher Education featured prominently at the Conference and strategic partnerships to promote South-South-North cooperation and South-South cooperation were established.

IUFoST also held a special invited session on Promotion of Nutritious and Healthy Foods with Food Safety Education in Africa  (PPT presentation is available to Adhering Bodies, Members and Affiliates working together globally with IUFoST to improve food safety, security and sustainable food systems through secretariat@iufost.org (Food Safety and Food Safety Curricula benchmarking).  

The IUFoST delegation consisted of Academy President Professor Charles Aworh and IUFoST Education working group member and key AAU liaison and representative for programme development, Professor Adewale Obadina.

(Photo caption from left: Prof. Charles Aworh, AAU Secretary-General Olusola B. Oyewole, Prof. Obadina Adewale).


IUFoST Meeting of Members

The Meeting of Members held by IUFoST for its Adhering Bodies and invited guests was successfully held on June 29. Members received the interim report of the Task Force on Food Processing for Nutrition, Diet and Health. Task Force Co-chair Erich Windhab presented the latest considerations of the cross-disciplinary expert team who agreed, among other major outcomes, on the need to distinguish between Formulation and Processing as two independent but interacting factors in food product manufacture and as key aspects for food classification. There was huge interest in the report and  rich and constructive Q&A exchanges followed until time constraints prevented its continuation. More will be coming from the Task Force in the next months. 

IUFoST members, affiliates and other invited guests also heard the research needs and innovative plans from the Council of the College of Early Career Scientists, Scientific Council actions to expand scientific outputs and manuscripts and Academy Executive Council challenges and plans for more inter-disciplinary work, all inviting everyone to work with IUFoST to strengthen the discipline and voice of Food Science, Technology and Engineering. To begin work with IUFoST in your community and region, just let us know your interest and we will put you in touch with our key contacts, region by region. We all need to become expert communicators of scientific fact to all sectors of society and promoters of sound scientific research and innovative developments to ensure future sustainable food systems. (Members and special guests will be receiving the video contents of this meeting and will re-convene within 90 days to further define strategies and associated actions).

One outcome announced to this meeting is the convening of the IUFoST Future of Food Summit in partnership with the Food Systems Division of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO). The first of these annual summits bringing together inter-disciplinary stakeholders among opinion leaders, regulators, governments, researchers, industry, is on the subject of Resilient and Innovative Food Systems and taking place in Bangkok, under the auspices of the Thai Government in November.

IUFoST thanks all the outstanding speakers and contributors to the Meeting of Members. Invited members and guests who could not attend will receive the meeting transcript and video.  Thanks are also expressed again to the co-chairs, members and advisory group associated with the Task Force on Food Processing for Nutrition, Diet and Health for their ongoing work.

You are welcome to join us (secretariat-IUFoST.org – Get involved). Become an activist for the promotion of sound science to all sectors of society. 


Video Guide to IUFoST-FAKT – Online Forum on Emerging Issues, Key Focus Areas, Knowledge and Training 

You will find the video here with the step by step guide on how to get started and join in fostering innovation and knowledge exchange through IUFoST-FAKT – Online Forum on Emerging Issues, Key Focus Areas, Knowledge and Training.

The Forum was conceptualized and created by the IUFoST Working Group 1.2 on Education Emerging Issues and Key Focus Areas. IUFoST-FAKT - https://forum.iufost.org brings together experts, researchers, educators, industry professionals, and students. The Forum serves multiple purposes, addressing key topics such as education in higher learning institutes, teaching in specific disciplines, FST&E education in particular regions, opportunities and collaborations in FST&E, industry partnerships, and research in specific fields.

This exciting new platform has been launched to facilitate and recognize the crucial role of knowledge exchange, education and collaboration in advance Food Science, Technology and Engineering.  


IUFoST Scientific Roundtable Discussions

Summary of  the IUFoST Scientific Roundtable Discussion (SRD) on Sustainable Packaging: Environmental and Food Safety issues

"Addressing safety and environmental concerns while creating sustainable food packaging was the theme of the IUFoST Scientific Roundtable Discussion (SRD) convened around  World Food Safety Day on June 8, 2023. The focus was on new innovations, regulatory aspects, labelling and food safety issues. Key experts from France (Dr. Nathalie Gontard), USA (Dr. Young T. Kim), India (Dr. Vimal Katiyar), and Australia (Dr. Deidre Mikkelsen) provided the perspective and leadership, and all were encouraged to participate by asking questions from the panelists.The co-chairs were Dr. Charles Aworh (Nigeria) and Dr. Carol Wallace (UK)."

Key focal point for further research, innovation and development: "Most barrier materials used in today’s industry are either petroleum-based or metals. Because of the increase in environmental awareness, as well as legislation, new and environmentally benign alternatives are at the centre of scientific and industrial interest. Wood-based products have received great attention for their air/oxygen resistance. As far as their properties, microorganism-derived biopolymers are comparable to conventional petroleum-based thermoplastics, but their cost may be an issue. Both, cellulose, and microbiologically derived biopolymers are challenged when moisture, grease and oxygen resistance are simultaneously required. Hence, multilayer structures and composites are needed to fulfil the most demanding requirements of food packaging materials. To read the summary of all presentations, abstracts, biographies and Q&A, please refer to the IUFoST website https://iufost.org/news/srd-summary-sustainable-food-packaging-environmental-and-food-safety-issues-june-2023.
Thank you to Professor Conrad Perera and Professor Sophie Tongyu Wu for the Summary preparation.

Outcomes of IUFoST Scientific Roundtable Discussion (SRD) on Millets

Related Scientific Manuscript: A Commentary on Millets for Enhancing Agri-economy, Nutrition, Environmental, and Sustainable Development Goals, contributors Roger Clemens, Parachuri Gangadhar Rao, Ismahane Elouafi, Ruth Oniang’o, Anoma Chandrasekara, Peter Pressman and Jay Yadav is available through the Journal of Food Bioactives, Vol. 22-2023.
Summary: The Millets SRD Summary is available on the IUFoST Website here https://iufost.org/scientific-roundtable-discussion-millets-enhancing-agri-economy-nutrition-environmental-and.
Attention IUFoST Members and affiliates: Copies of the Millets SRD video and all PPT presentations are available through IUFoST Secretariat (secretariat@iufost.org), Subject Millets Video - for distribution among your members and constituents.

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR): A Food Safety Concern - IUFoST Scientific Information Bulletin 

The most recent IUFoST Scientific Information has been released by the Scientific Council on the subject of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR): A Food Safety Concern. This subject is “recognized as a major global challenge for public health and sustainability and a ‘One Health’ approach is essential to deliver the sustained and coherent global action required.” Co-authors Professor Martin Cormican and Professor Dearbhaile Morris, University of Galway, Ireland, set out the fundamental issues around AMR and why it is everyone’s business from scientists, policy makers to consumers to be aware of this ‘silent pandemic’ and to work together locally, regionally and globally to mitigate its effects. Readers are encouraged to disseminate this SIB widely (with acknowledgement to IUFoST and authors). The SIB is available through the IUFoST website here: https://iufost.org/iufost-sib-antimicrobial-resistance-food-safety-concern.


IUFoST regional and global engagement 


'Food Standards Save Lives' Webinar
Celebrating World Food Safety Day by Institute of Food Science and Technology Sri Lanka (IFSTSL) on 7 June
Speakers included Prof. Samuel Godefroy, IUFoST President Elect, Prof. Conrad Perera, Member of IUFoST Working Group on Food Safety

'Understanding Ultra-processed Food and its Potential Consequences' Webinar
organized by IUFoST Global Outreach and Industry Relations Working Group, FoSTAT (Food Science and Technology Association of Thailand), and FIFSTA, (Federation of Institutes of Food Science and Technology of ASEAN) on 15 June
Click here for the Executive Summary


International Conference on Food and Human Health and Grand Opening
Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
13-14 July
Invited Officiating Guest and Plenary Speaker IUFoST President Professor Aman Wirakartakusumah

UN Food Systems 2023 Stocktaking Moment convened by the UN Secretary-General
24 - 26 July, hosted by Italy
Director-General FAO is also meeting with his expert Scientific Advisory Council
IUFoST President Aman Wirakartakusumah and IAFoST Fellow Prof Joachim von Braun are attending as appointed members of the FAO Director-General's Scientific Advisory Council
Professor von Braun also chaired the Science Council for the UN Food Systems Summit, in which Professor Wirakartakusumah was an invited member

Faculty position: 'Assistant Professor in Food Science' University of Guelph, Canada is open
For further information click here
Deadline for applications: 1 August 2023

WHO Call for Experts on source attribution of foodborne disease hazards
Submissions https://extranet.who.int/dataformv3/index.php/884626?lang=en
Questions to “Call for experts”, please write to fbd-burden@who.int
Deadline for applications: 1 August 2023


World Dairy Industry Convention and Recognition Ceremonies
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia
Theme: "Promoting Sustainable Development of the World Dairy Industry through Innovation and Cooperation, and Green and Low-carbon Development"
4-7 August 2023

'Doing Quality Research under Resource-Constrained Settings'
Early Career Scientists Webinar
11 August 2023 07.00 - 08.30 ET
Four invited international plenary speakers, more details to follow


'Food Processing, Safety and Health', ALACCTA Scientific Roundtable Discussion (SRD)
First week of September (dates to be confirmed)
Regional and international experts are invited speakers, IUFoST Taskforce co-chairs on Food Processing for Nutrition, Diet and Health invited, more details to follow

Early Career Scientist Biennial Virtual International Symposium and Young Scientist Photo Voice Contest
16 September, more details to follow

11th International Symposium on Food Innovation and Development
27 to 29 September 2023 - Montevideo, Uruguay


Adaptation Futures 2023, Hosted by Ouranos, Government of Canada and World Adaptation Science Programme
Palais de Congres, Montreal. Includes Interdisciplinary scientific session with IUFoST
2-6 October 2023

CYTAL 2023, Biennial Congress of Argentine Association of Food Technologists (AATA)
Puerto Madero, Argentina
4-6 October 2023

17th ASEAN Food Conference 2023 (AFC)
Borneo Convention Centre, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
24-27 October 2023
Theme: "Future of Food In ASEAN: What’s Next?" Food Conference and IUFoST ECS Workshop https://afc2023my.com/


Latin American Symposium on Food Science and Nutrition - 15 SLACAN
The Food and Nutrition Science Revolution: Feeding the World Sustainably
12-14 November, Campinas, Brazil
For submissions and registrations: https://2023.slacan.com.br/slacan-2023/
Supported by SbCTA and ALACCTA

IUFoST Future of Food Summit
In partnership with the Food Systems Division of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
"Resilient and Innovative Food Systems"
13 November, Bangkok, Thailand


51st Annual Food Science and Technology Conference
Food Systems in a Changing World - the Science, Challenges and Opportunities
Organised by Institute of Food Science and Technology of Ireland (IFSTI) and Teagasc Research Centre
6-7 December, 2023, Dublin, Ireland

ISNFF 2023
Annual Conference and Exhibition of the International Society for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods 
10-13 December 2023, Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii
For information and updates: www.isnff.org

September 2024

22nd IUFoST World Congress of Food Science and Technology
8-12 September 2024
Congress website: https://iufost2024-italy.com/