Distinguished Lecturer for the IUFoST World Congress

IUFoST World Food Congresses traditionally include an address by a distinguished individual who carries a message consistent with the theme of the Congress. An invitation to speak as the Distinguished Lecturer honours the contributions of the invitee and promotes the dissemination of important scientific information internationally, emphasizing IUFoST's role as a leading source of information in the area of food science and technology.


Former Distinguished Lecturers

Distinguished Lecturers at past IUFoST World Congresses have included Dr. Joachim von Braun (2022), Chair, Science Council of the United Nations Food Systems Summit; Professor Sir Charles Godfray (2020), Director of the Oxford Martin School, Oxford University; Dr. Eric Windhab (2018), Professor of Food Process Technology, ETH Zurich, Dr. Michael Gibney (2016), Institute of Food and Health, University College Dublin; Dr. Brian Keating (2014), Director of the Sustainable Agriculture National Research Flagship, CSIRO Australia; Dr. Shenggen Fan (2012), Director General of the international Food Policy Research Institute; Dr. Nina Fedoroff (2010), Science and Technology Advisor to Secretaries of State Condolezza Rice and Hilary Clinton; Dr. M.S. Swaminathan (2008), pioneer of the Green Revolution and World Food Prize recipient; Dr. Catherine Bertini (2006), former Executive Director of the World Food Programme and recipient of the World Food Prize; and Dr. Ismail Serageldin (2003), the former Vice President of the World Bank and Head of the Library of Alexandria. Earlier Distinguished Lecturers/Founders Lecturers have included Professor Owen Fennema (2001); Dr. Richard L. Hall (1999); Professor J. F. Diehl (1995); and Professor Joseph Hulse (1991).

Title: IUFoST Distinguished Lecturer (formerly Founder's Lecture) Purpose:

  1. To provide persons attending IUFoST World Congresses with an important, thought-provoking message from a world renowned professional
  2. To honour the person who is invited to present the lecture 3) To enhance the dissemination of important scientific information internationally
  3. To enhance the reputation of IUFoST and IAFoST in the area of food science and technology and related fields

Qualifications of Distinguished Lecturer:

  1. Should be world renowned in area that is relevant to food science and technology
  2. Should be a skilled orator who is able to organize and present information in an interesting, easily understood manner
  3. Should be willing to prepare a lecture specifically for the Congress
  4. Should be willing to devote at least one full day to interacting with Congress attendees
  5. Should be willing to participate in radio and TV interviews, if requested
  6. Should be willing to prepare an extended abstract at least 6 months in advance of the Congress

Nominations Process: Only IUFoST Adhering Body representatives, Fellows of IAFoST, Congress Organising Committee and Members of the IUFoST Board are invited to put forward nominations. The nomination should state the qualifications of the nominees as per the established criteria and examples of pre-eminent work in the field.

Nomination Deadline: 12 DECEMBER 2023. Nominations are now closed.

Nomination Form: https://www.iufost.org/webform/iufost-world-congress-distinguished-lectu...