Vision and Mission


To Strengthen Global Food Science and Technology for Humanity.


To promote international co-operation and information exchange, to provide education and training to food scientists and technologists around the world and to promote professionalism and profession organisation among food scientists and technologists.

IUFoST responds to worldwide needs by:

  • Delivering educational programmes, student scholarships and leadership opportunities for young scientists, as well as Distance Assisted Training Programmes.
  • Providing scientific expertise through the provision of experts for short courses and workshops, and organizing conferences and symposia, in partnership with IUFoST national scientific members (Adhering Bodies), on important current issues such as food safety, security, traceability, and food defense, fraud, food waste.
  • Providing global leadership through our biennial World Food Congresses, guidelines for professional behaviour and, among many other activities, through scientific information bulletins on currently important topics such as obesity, nanotechnology and biotechnology. These bulletins are used by government, industry and academia worldwide.
  • Stimulating exchange of knowledge in the international food science and technology community through all media, including peer reviewed publications, review papers, lectures, workshops, symposia, newsletters, social media and award programmes.
  • Applying food science and technology to improve nutrition and promote national development.
  • Representing scientific integrity as an authoritative global scientific voice representing the world’s food science and technology community. This includes endorsing and sponsoring programmes of scientific merit worldwide.