Visiting Professors Programme

The IUFoST Visiting Professor Programme (VPP) offers food scientists new experiences and the satisfaction of making a difference to the future of food science and technology. This joint initiative between IUFoST and VAFoST (Vietnam Association of Food Science and Technology) began with the approval of the IUFoST General Assembly in 2010 and was officially launched later that year at Saigon Technology University. It continues to grow in popularity and impact.

The goal of the Visiting Professor Programme is to make a difference in the education and training of food scientists worldwide by bringing international expertise to them, their universities and their countries. The VPP in Vietnam and elsewhere is promoted as part of IUFoST’s Education Programme to encourage professors of Food Science and Technology among IUFoST Adhering Bodies and Fellows of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST) to lend their expertise to developing countries by lecturing and conducting seminars. In addition, the Visiting Professors may provide support in the form of study materials and curriculum assessment for food science and technology faculties in Vietnam and other participating countries.

This volunteer programme is open to all members of IUFoST Adhering Bodies, Committee members and IAFoST Fellows. IUFoST pays travel costs and the local academic institution covers accommodation and subsistence costs (or per diem).

Many IUFoST members have made presentations to students at Saigon Technology University, HCMC University of Industry, HCMC University of Technology, and University of Food Technology, in cooperation with representatives from food technology faculties in Vietnamese universities. Response in Vietnam and other recipient countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Myanmar, Philippines, Kenya, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and South Africa has been universally positive, and the experience has been valuable for both the visiting professors and the students.

If you are interested in participating, please email, Subject line: Visiting Professor

Supported by the Federation of the Institutes of Association Latinoamericana del Caribe de Ciencia y Technologia de Alimentos (ALACCTA); the Food Science and Technology of the ASEAN (FIFSTA); and the European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST).