Terms of Reference

The Scientific Council (SC) is a standing Committee of The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST). The Chair of the Scientific Council is a member of the Board and participates in meetings of the Board and Governing Council. The Chair of the Scientific Council is a voting member of the IUFoST Governing Council.

Purpose: The purpose of the IUFoST Scientific Council is to advise on opportunities of scientific activity for IUFoST in keeping with the Union’s vision and mission and to oversee the scientific output of the Union.


Composition and Election

1. The Scientific Council is composed of the Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair, two Scientific Councillors.  The President of IUFoST, and Secretary-General are invited attendees. 

Election: Nominations to the Scientific Council are put forward by the Fellows of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST). The Scientific Council is elected by the Voting Delegates of IUFoST National Scientific Bodies (Adhering Bodies) for terms corresponding to the IUFoST General Assemblies (approximately two years).


General Activities

2. The Scientific Council operates in conjunction with the Board of Directors but has no role in the Union’s financial affairs. Its responsibilities include:

a) oversight of the scientific standard and integrity of IUFoST activities,

b) approval of publicly released scientific materials and the content of learned statements on scientific matters,

c) oversight of IUFoST official publications and related congress publications,

d) advice for chairs and members of Working Groups, scientific commissions and Task Forces, no larger than is essential, to carry out specific tasks such as preparation of position papers and offering of expert advice,

e) development and fostering of relationships with the international scientific community according to IUFoST’s vision and mission in conjunction with the ongoing global work of the Union,

f) representation and Ambassadors role in IUFoST at all scientific events in which members of the Scientific Council participate during their terms in office.



3. The Scientific Council Chair may call meetings of the Scientific Council at any reasonable time, but at a minimum of annually. Times and places for such meetings (or modes if such meetings are not face to face) shall be set only if four, or more members are available. Scientific Council meetings shall be considered to have been officially held only if four (4) or more members participated.

4. It is recommended that the IUFoST Scientific Council holds regular meetings approximately, minimum of every three months. The Chair of the Scientific Council is a voting mem ber of the Board and attends IUFoST Board meetings. The IUFoST World Congress meets every two years and it is considered most important for the members of the Scientific Council to play an active role up to and during the congress and at the General Assembly, according to the IUFoST programme for the meetings (separate from congress organization).

5. The Scientific Council Chair normally shall preside at meetings of the Scientific Council.

6. Action may be taken by the Scientific Council by a majority of the members participating.


Method of Operations and Communication:

A member of the Scientific Council takes notes from each meeting. Copies are sent to the Secretariat office when finalized.

The Scientific Council considers representation, as requested, regarding attendance at scientific meetings, endorsement or representation and recommends meetings, activities in which it believes IUFoST should be involved. These requests from Adhering Bodies, Regional Groups, other international organizations, disciplinary groups are communicated to the SC through the secretariat office as needed.

Members of the Scientific Council contribute to online IUFoST media and publications by forwarding articles of interest, indicating issues of importance in areas related to Food Science and Technology and recommendations regarding speakers and topics that should be considered at IUFoST symposia, workshops and in congress programmes.

Members of the Scientific Council represent IUFoST in all their activities during their term in office and therefore are asked to advise the Board in advance when they plan to attend or participate in meetings in order that IUFoST’s mission and vision may be put forward as appropriate at these events to encourage national and international involvement in global food science and technology.

IUFoST ppt presentations, background documents and lists of the Scientific Information Bulletins (SIBs) in addition to information on IUFoST’s ongoing work in the areas of its working groups and task forces are available as needed for members of the Scientific Council in the course of their work. Business cards are available to all members of the Scientific Council if desired.

IUFoST communications tools are available for group discussions, conference calls as well as to facilitate development of SC materials such as editing of the SIBS. Email messages, Skype calls and telephone conferencing are all used as methods of SC communications. A SC group email is also provided for communications between members (Group Name: IUFoST Scientific Council).

Meetings whether face to face or by other means generally are arranged between the SC Chair and the secretariat office.