Global Challenges and the Critical Needs of Food Science and Technology


Global challenges to food supplies are increasing, not only because of increased demands on quantities of raw materials, but also in the balance of appropriate nutritional quality of finished foods and diets. A previous IUFoST report indicated that Food Science and Technology was not uniformly available to provide the capabilities, skills and training necessary to cope with the challenges.

Since then, a series of International Academy Partnership (IAP) reports have considered the “Opportunities for future research and innovation on food and nutrition security and agriculture”. These reports reach out to policy decision makers, but in some cases, the role of FS&T is not visible.

This subject report was commissioned by IUFoST as a follow up to “Global Visions” but also as a direct response to the Inter Academy Partnership (IAP) reports, which are examined in detail. It provides examples for scientific and technical needs in the form of “Mission Projects”, each with critical needs which are required to fulfil the International Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, the report considers the education and training of Food Scientists and Technologists of the future, a primary responsibility of all Adhering Bodies.

This document should act as a catalyst for strategic planning, by region or by country, and can provide a basis for discussion with policy makers, international agencies, funding bodies, education, and industry.

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