New Monthly News Brief

Welcome to the first in the new monthly series of IUFoST News Briefs,
featuring news about the Union’s ongoing actions and plans on behalf of
international Food Science and Technology. As your global representative of
the discipline, we work together to Strengthen Food Science and Technology
for the benefit of humanity.
In this issue:
• IUFoST talks interdisciplinary collaboration at International Science Council General
• Ensuring ‘more’, safe, economical and sustainable food packaging was the focus of
the IUFoST Scientific Roundtable Discussion.
• Food Culture and Traditional Foods provide insights for resilient Future Food Systems
in the next Scientific Roundtable Discussion to be held April 29th.
• Early Career Scientists (ECS) of IUFoST and IAFoST plan their first global symposium
• The World congress in Singapore 2022 – Mark your calendar.
• Partners Upcoming events and activities that IUFoST supports.