IUFoST Codex Documents

November 2021 - IUFoST areas of expertise identified and accepted at Codex Commission Meeting (CAD44) 

February 2023 - IUFoST introduced, in collaboration with other partners (AIDMSO and other member countries) two substantial scientific documents related to the extrapolation of MRLs and the possibility of using Codex guidance to address the needs of Developing Countries:

  • CRD10 deals with the possible reliance on the codex Extrapolation methodology to derive MRLs for Camel tissues – This paper calls on the Extrapolation WG to consider reviewing the current criteria for extrapolation to include Camels as a minor species possibly associated with Ruminants.
  • CRD11 deals with the application of this extrapolation guideline to derive MRLs for aquaculture finfish species, based on MRLs that Codex established for other given fish species. The application was made for drugs needed in the aquaculture industry of the Middle East and North African region.

These two papers, developed through IUFoST Disciplinary Grouping GForSS,  represent a tangible scientific contribution that IUFoST introduced with impacts addressing the needs of developing countries and developing food production sectors (aquaculture in developing countries and Camel meat and Camel milk production sectors).

May 2023 - IUFoST and Codex Committee on Food Allergen Labelling, Comments from IUFoST (Conference Rood Document accepted) FL/47 CRD26

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