International Events

Support for International Events

IUFoST promotes world-wide exchange of knowledge in those scientific disciplines and technologies relating to the expansion, improvement, distribution and conservation of the world’s food supply through its support of international and regional congresses, conferences, workshops and symposia.

IUFoST sponsors and/or endorses international events of particular scientific interest to the Union. Only those of the highest scientific quality, with a balanced approach to controversial topics and adhering to the highest standard of scientific ethics, will be considered.

Requests for sponsorship or endorsement should be made through and include the speakers list, programme outline and show relevance to food science and technology, with an international perspective. Requests should be received by the secretariat at least six months prior to the event. IUFoST Adhering Bodies, Special Interest, Disciplinary and Regional Groups receive first consideration.

IUFoST also identifies speakers for its Adhering Bodies, according to their areas of expertise through the Board, Scientific Council, working groups and commissions and IAFoST. These experts are internationally renowned in terms of professional qualifications, and international experience to effectively deliver information in the area of food science and technology to groups of scientists and/or technologists, other international bodies and those in other disciplines as well as consumer groups.

In these, and all its activities, IUFoST subscribes to the principles of the International Science Council that promote participation by all bona fide scientists without regard to race, religion, political philosophy, ethnic origin, citizenship, language or sex.