Program Assessment/Renewal Form

University programmes in Food Science, Technology or Engineering seeking recognition and approval from IUFoST must complete this form to submit information on the programme under review.

1. About your Institution

Brief description of University, College, and Department (or similar administrative structures), to develop a context in which the Food Science/Technology programme exists. Include total approximate numbers of students at the University and number of students by year in the program under review.

Number of students in the programme under review

2. Interaction of the programme with the society

Brief description of the interaction of the programme with the local food industry, government, NGOs and other stakeholders 

3. Incoming students

Brief description of student entry requirements

4. Desired outcome of the programme

Brief description of the knowledge and skills imparted by the programme

5. The curriculum content

6. Faculty

7. Facilities

8. Quality Assurance

9. Programme Contact Representative