The International Society for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (ISNFF) is a non-profit international society to strengthen communication, dissemination of information and networking among interested parties from academia, industry and government participants.

Established in response to a growing recognition of the role of nutraceuticals, certain foods, natural health products and dietary supplements in health promotion and disease risk reduction, it fills a visible gap in the field for providing the required scientific information and evidence for claims made for the health benefits as well as formulation of products and facilitates contact between inventors and investors.


Mission: Foster a balanced approach to the understanding of both the advantages and the challenges facing the scientific community, the industry and consumers in the nutraceuticals, functional foods, natural health products and dietary supplement research and development as well as product safety.

ISNFF has been established by the IUFoST General Assembly as a Disciplinary Grouping of the Union as specified in the IUFoST Constitution.