Overview and Criteria Lifetime Achievement Excellence Awards 2023


This award is given to honour an individual for pre-eminence in and contributions to the field of food science and technology over his/her career.  The individual will have made significant contributions to scientific knowledge with impact in areas such as the following: food safety; food quality; human nutrition; product, process, package innovation; food security (availability, accessibility, affordability); consumer acceptability; communication of food science and technology, regulations, combinations of above; actions to improve Food Science and Technology education or dissemination in the country or around the world (through courses, workshops, publications, etc.)



While each Excellence Award (Lifetime Achievement and Young Researcher) will have certain restricted eligibility and criteria considerations, some general considerations apply to both.  Individuals from industry, academia and government are eligible for nomination.  The nominees may come from any discipline/area within or related to the field of food science and technology, such as microbiology, engineering, chemistry, sensory, cross-disciplinary sciences. Nominations must be from countries with IUFoST Adhering Bodies (or who have provided a  (signed) letter of commitment  to becoming IUFoST members within a year of the nomination, to be sent with the nomination*). and may be made by colleagues or the respective Adhering Bodies or Fellows from those countries. Self nominations are not accepted.  NOMINATION DEADLINE: 31 December 2023.  Nominations are now closed.

NOMINATIONS FORM  https://www.iufost.org/webform/lifetime-achievement-nominations-form

* Letter to be sent to IUFoST Secretariat: Secretariat@iufost.org, Subject: IUFoST Membership

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