IUFoST stimulates the exchange of knowledge in the international food science and technology community through the annual review of the state of global food science and technology, textbooks, review papers, in its official journals and electronic magazines. IUFoST symposia and World Food Congress proceedings are published to provide rapid dissemination of latest focused and interdisciplinary scientific information to the international community. As part of its mission, IUFoST supports all forms of scientific and technical information and communication among members of the global food science community:

The Scientific Council issues Scientific Information Bulletins (SIBs) on major topics of importance to the global food science community, food professionals, legislators, food industry. SIBs are compiled by international experts selected by the Scientific Council. The main expert resource for these and other scientific outputs from the Union is the International Academy of Food Science and Technology, whose members include internationall-recognised scientists from industry, academia, government and non-governmental organizations.

See IUFoST Scientific Information Bulletins Here

Technical Reports in the form of powerpoint presentations (ppt) are made available for those IUFoST symposia that are not recorded in full publication.

IUFoST’s Books, Journals, Online Articles and Database Review provide  food science and technology-related information geared to readers ranging from food science and technology professionals and students to consumers interested in current trends and food facts:

  • Using Food Science and Technology to Improve Nutrition and Promote National Development: Selected Case Studies
  • IUFoST’s newest Journal – npj Science of Food,  co-published with Nature
  • Trends in Food Science
  • Food Control
  • LWT
  • Journal of Food Bioactives
  • Food 101 Online (read the stories here)