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One major activity of  IUFoST Education programming  is  focused on the mechanisms and procedures for granting the Recognition of Further and Higher Education courses in Food Science and Technology. This programme began at the request of IUFoST national scientific bodies requesting a global benchmark for evaluating and achieving education standards.  

Find more information on IUFoST’s Programme Certification here.

As a result of IUFoST expertise in international food science and Technology education, the World Bank approached the Union to lead the Global Food Safety Curricula Initiative (GFSCI).  This initiative is being developed into a comprehensive but adaptable syllabi based on country and regional needs. It is in continual development and currently is being tested in several countries.

Find more information on the GFSCI here.

Training programmes are another area of IUFoST activity.  Numerous modules have been developed that target training needs of industry employees and others whose secondary school or post secondary school education has not included Food Science and Technology training. More information is available through Workshops also continue to be conducted globally.