International Society of Food Applications Nanoscale Sciences 

The field of nanoscale science, engineering and technology applications in food and nutrition is truly multidisciplinary, multi-facet, and far reaching; and cannot be covered by individual research groups, organisations, companies or even countries. It requires the co-operation between the groups involved and exchange of visions and results among the established and developing centers of expertise world-wide.

The International Society of Food Applications of Nanoscale Sciences (ISFANS) is intended to provide the means and the infrastructure for efficient interactions among participants globally. ISFANS will not only help to speed up and improve the research and developments, it will also serve to identify critical gaps and avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts. It will be a means to bridge the divide between research, application and policy/regulations and will speed up the valorization of the results of food applications of nanoscale science, engineering and technology to benefit the society. IFANS is a disciplinary/special interest group of IUFoST.


Mission Statement

The International Society of Food Applications of Nanoscale Sciences (ISFANS) was created (August 2010) to strengthen research, communication, dissemination of information and networking for technology transfers and international collaborations among interested parties from academia, industry, government, consumers, and other stakeholders around the world.



The objectives of the ISFANS are to:

  • Provide an appropriate forum to foster research, communication and collaboration among professionals in academia, industry and governments globally;
  • Facilitate technology transfer and communications among inventors, investors and
    other interested parties for optimal valorization;
  • Promote the development of standards, nomenclature, and terminology specifically relevant to food applications of nanoscale sciences to facilitate international trade;
  • Stimulate research and database development regarding the safety of nanoscale
    products/technology that will assist the development of rigorous policy and
    regulatory processes;
  • Foster cooperative endeavors with other professional organizations with an interest in
    the fields of food nanoscale science and technology;
  • Assist the development and dissemination of food nanoscale science and technology
    curricula around the globe;
  • Engage the public and the society through active engagement, informal education and dialogs to enhance understanding of nanoscale science and nanotechnology applications in foods;

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Charity Parr-Vasquez, PhD