Application form for adhering body

Organisational Information (in attachment):

  • Description and history
  • Governance structure and Officers
  • Members (percentage industry, percentage academia, percentage government)
  • Reference from relevant national government institution regarding applicants’ position as national representative for food science and Technology
Organisational Information

FEE: There is a one-time entrance fee of US$100.

The fee structure, as agreed by IUFoST voting delegates, is based on three bands, represented as follows:

“The bands are constructed in multiples of the lowest figure, established at US$350, representing no change from the lowest dues currently paid.

The top of the third band is US$10,500, representing the highest amount of dues paid.

The three bands correspond with low, middle and high income countries, and the scale within each band allows for the addition of population and GHI indicators in scale point from 1-14.

Band 1                       Band 2                          Band 3

$350-$700                $1050-$2100                 $4200-10,500

This system corresponds to ISC (International Science Council) practices for their membership and is also implemented by other Unions, including the IUFoST sister union, International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS).

For additional information regarding membership and fees please contact the Secretariat at

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