SRD Summary - Sustainable Food Packaging: Environmental and Food Safety Issues, June 2023

Addressing safety and environmental concerns while creating sustainable food packaging was the theme of the IUFoST Scientific Roundtable Discussion (SRD). The focus was on new innovations, regulatory aspects, labelling and food safety issues. Key experts from France (Dr. Nathalie Gontard), USA (Dr. Young T. Kim), India (Dr Vimal Katiyar), and Australia (Dr. Deidre Mikklesen) provided the perspective and leadership, and all were encouraged to participate by asking questions from the panelists.

The co-chairs were Dr Charles Aworh (Nigeria) and Dr Carol Wallace (UK.)  The Summary of the Discussion, prepared by Professor Conrad Perera and Professor Sophie Tongyu Wu is in included in the attached pdf file.  General use is welcome with acknowledgement to IUFoST and the Summary authors.