Food Quiz Bowl Competition


The Food Quiz Bowl is a question-and-answer competition of knowledge and quick recall. The questions will cover topics in the field of Food Science and Technology at undergraduate level. This competition is to recognize and support the intellectual achievement of students, to promote the value of teamwork in their university group.


  • To encourage student participation in competition at the country level;
  • To facilitate interaction among undergraduate students in fields of Food Science and Technology from different universities worldwide;
  • To boost the knowledge of students in these fields of study; and
  • To provide a platform to engage in a friendly competition between universities.

Categories of Questions

Questions will be based on the FOUR (4) categories as follow:

  1. Food safety systems: Includes international food laws and regulations, GMP, HACCP, Codex Alimentarius,etc.
  2. Basic food science: Includes physical, chemical, biological, microbiological sciences, also food analysis, and sensory evaluation.
  3. Applied food science: Includes food preservation/ processing, thermal processing, packaging & engineering, food quality testing.
  4. Food and human nutrition: Includes essential human nutrients, vitamins, dietary fibers, body fluids regulation, body mass index BMI, etc.


  • Each participating team shall comprise FOUR (4) students, from an Institute of Higher Learning or University in their country.
  • Each team will be nominated by a recognized Food Science and Technology Department in their University.
  • Only ONE team is allowed from each University/Institute; accompanied by a Mentor (professor/academic), who is NOT a contestant only an observer.
  • Each contestant must be one of the following to qualify and a letter from the institute of higher learning to verify that the students are representing the institution:
    • A final year student enrolled in a Food Science, Food Technology, Food Engineering, or Food Science and Technology programme at an Institute of Higher Learning (i.e. polytechnic) or University that he/ she is representing; OR
    • A recent graduate of not more than six months before the competition date, from an Institute of Higher Learning/University.
    • Students graduating within this academic year or Year 3 students who will be moving up to their final year of university

ALL participants and the students’ mentor must register and pay as delegates to qualify for the competition during the congress.



There will be individual medals and a team trophy for top three and certificates for all participating.