Throughout the four days of the Congress, delegates will be hearing from the foremost scientists internationally in plenaries and in sessions.  Intermingled with these plenaries will be a group of Young Scientists who warrant special attention.  These are the nine Young Scientists who have been selected by international juries as representative of the best of young science and who will be providing their research highlights to the Congress delegates.  In short, with more detail following the congress, here are the chosen Young Scientists.

Lin Chen, nominated by Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology (SIFST)
Presentation title: The application of foodomics in food safety study.

Mohsen Gavahian, nominated by the Taiwan Association for Food Science and Technology (TAFST)
Presentation title: Pineapple core valorization by ohmic heating: bioactives, antioxidant activities, system performance efficiency, and energy consumption.

Iris Haberkorn, nominated by the Swiss National Committee to IUFoST, Swiss Academy of Sciences
Presentation title: Leveraging cellular agriculture through technological innovation – Emerging pulsed electric field processing for single-cell biorefinery applications.

Biniam Kebede, nominated by the New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology
Presentation title: Tackling today’s and future food science and nutritional challenges: A foodomics approach.

Jeyan A. Moses, nominated by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, India.
Presentation title: Advances in food 3D printing for personalized nutrition applications.

Xiaonan Sui, nominated by the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST)
Presentation title: Emerging trends of protein-based meat alternatives in China.

Haizhou Wu, nominated by the Swedish National Committee for Nutrition and Food Sciences
Presentation: Examining the mechanisms of lipid oxidation in muscle food systems and development of new cost-effective stabilization technologies.

Rachma Wikandari, nominated by Indonesian Association of Food Technologists (PATPI)
Presentation title: Development of meat substitutes from filamentous fungi cultivated on left over boiling water of tempeh factory.

And 2021 Young Researcher Award Winner Dominic Agyei from University of Otago, New Zealand. Presentation title: Bioprocessing and food applications of two hydrolytic enzymes from Lactobacillus leichmanii 313: narrative of a 10-year research endeavor.