ALACCTA Scientific Roundtable Discussion - Healthy and Sustainable Food

Healthy and Sustainable Food was the Subject of IUFoST Regional Grouping for Central and South America -  ALACCTA -  Scientific Roundtable Discussion on August 11 2021, from 11:00 to 13:00 GMT-3

Speakers: Dra Alejandra Medrao (Uruguay) - Sustainable development strategies for healthy eating

                 Dr. Marcel Cristianini Faculdad de Engenheria de Alimentos UNICAMP  (Brazil) - The role of Emerging Technologies for Food Processing

                 Dr. Flavia Campos Corgosinho (Brazil) - Nutritional Genomics in Weight Loss

                 Dra. Pilar Buera (Argentina) - Food engineering contributions to the transition towards circular economics

                 Dra Dolore de Castillo (Spain) - Knowledge transfer from the Academy to the Industry for Sustainable Food and Health

                 Dr. Jesus Maria Porres Folquie, (Spain) - Functional Foods for the treatment of metabolic syndrome and colon cancer. Development and transfer experience.

Outcomes to follow.