News Brief September 2023

Focus on Council of Early Career Scientists, International Symposium on Food Innovations

Expressing the scientific interests, ambitions and career objectives of Young scientists are just a few of the leadership roles of the 2022-2024 IUFoST Council of Early Career Scientists (CECS).  This Council has added ambassadorial skills in communicating with all sectors, including IUFoST governance, and highlighting research needs and constraints as in their most recent webinar (August 2023) (video available through  

The next IUFoST CECS event  being proudly presented is the 2nd International ECS Symposium with the theme: Food Innovations in a Post-Pandemic World set for Thursday, 28 September 2023. This year's symposium focuses on new opportunities in food product and process development as a result of the global pandemic. Important discussions by renowned food scientists - Dr. Ian Noble, Dr. Delia Rodriguez-Amaya, Dr. Ruth Oniang'o and Dr. John McDermott, will highlight the role of innovation to ensure a healthy and safe food supply as well as to attain a more sustainable and food secure environment. Part of this event is a photo voice competition that aims to raise the voices of young scientists to advocate for food innovative ideas that will shape the post-pandemic world. 

07.00 - 09.00 EDT (Toronto/New York) GMT-4, 28 September 2023

To register:
To enter the competition:


IUFoST partners with AFRAF for its inaugural meeting

The African Food Regulatory Authorities Forum (AFRAF) is co-convened by the African Union Commission in partnership with the National Food Safety Authority of Egypt (NFSA) and will hold its inaugural meeting 11-13 October 2023 in Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt.

The creation of this Forum is the result of the realization of the importance of the development of a favorable collaborative environment between African food regulators, and of the necessity to strengthen the governance of such collaboration, as a prelude to the operationalization of the African Food Safety Agency.

It is also expected that AFRAF shall be an enabler of the implementation of the Food Safety Strategy for Africa (FSSA) and a contributor to a path forward for African food regulatory harmonization and integration as part of the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

This Forum will gather representatives of African food competent authorities at the heads of agency/authority level and is expected to become a standing forum for engagement between African food regulators on an-going basis. To date more than 35 countries are involved.  IUFoST is committed in ongoing support of this engagement. IUFoST President Elect Samuel Godefroy is leading the organisation team and Academy President Dr. Charles Aworh will represent IUFoST to report on the inaugural outcomes of the Forum.

AFRAF Website:


Resilient and Innovative Food Systems, IUFoST and UNIDO Partnership

The IUFoST Future of Food Summit 2023, held in partnership with the Food Systems Division of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and with strong support from the Government of Thailand takes place with the subject Resilient and Innovative Food Systems, on 13 November 2023 – Bangkok, Thailand. 


The first ever UN Food Systems Summit resulted in approximately 300 commitments aimed to transform food systems covering aspects of resilience, waste / loss mitigation and management, localization of supply chains and innovation.

Food and food production are also at the focus of climate talks to limit global warming.

Food science and technology are at the heart of the development of solutions contemporary and future to the challenges identified.

Similarly, the Codex Alimentarius commission (CAC), the international food standard setting body, has been both reviewing the development of new food sources and production systems, and discussing regulatory concerns regarding labelling challengers, in addition to others.

The transformation of food systems supporting the Future of Food is the main focus of discussion bringing together Regulators, Opinion leaders, Researchers and Industry leaders. 

Discussion items:

  • Outcomes of the UN Summit of Food Systems Transformation.
  • Development of novel sources of food / protein – challenges and opportunities.
  • Challenges of mitigating food loss in developing countries:
  • A hub supporting advice on development of food processing opportunities.
  • The Singapore food story – a unique research and technology dissemination initiative – sharing the experience.
  • Leveraging multi-stakeholder partnerships
  • Challenges of communications, multi-disciplinary activities – food processing  as a case study
  • Case study from Thailand on food system transformation and/or on a successful collaborative initiative showcasing support to such transformation / innovation etc… 
  • Discussing regulatory challenges facing science solutions addressing food transformation: The role of Codex.

Summaries of IUFoST Work from July to present

Rome Meetings: IUFoST President, Aman Wirkartakusumah, an appointed member of the FAO Director General’s scientific advisory group and invited member of the Scientific Group  of United Nations Food Systems Summit participated in the July meetings related to both in Rome. The President will report to IUFoST membership officially in IUFoST Interim Report to Members next month.

Hohhot Recognition: To recognise Hohhot, Capital City of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region for its global achievement in supporting innovation and future development in the Dairy Industry, IUFoST has entered into formal institutional association as of August 2023. Specifically  IUFoST is privileged to recognise Hohhot for its remarkable achievements through the city’s investment in the scientific advancement and capacity building in the dairy sector.

IUFoST learned about the impressive work in Hohhot through the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST) and takes this opportunity to commend CIFST for its exemplary work as national representative of Food Science and Technology and major success in bringing together and  working with all sectors. 

We invite others to highlight outstanding achievement that show investment in scientific advancement and capacity building. IUFoST will showcase these leaders along with Hohhot.

ALACCTA/IUFoST collaboration: ALACCTA (regional grouping representing Central and South America) and IUFoST collaborated once again in the successful Scientific Roundtable Discussion organised by ALACCTA on September 7. The Scientific Roundtable focus - Food Processing, Safety and Health, a topic of current global interest,  was selected because food processing plays a fundamental role in everyday life. This roundtable promoted discussions among professionals from different fields, such as nutrition, health, technology, and engineering, emphasizing the importance of food processing to ensure safety, accessibility, nutrition, and sustainability, clearly distinguishing between food processing and formulation definitions. The participation of diverse experts enriched the discussion, aiming to generate clear and precise information on this topic. The video (in English and Spanish) and other outcomes will be available soon.


Upcoming Endorsed and Sponsored Meetings and Events 


Uruguay - INNOVA 11th International Symposium on Food Innovation and Development, 27 - 29 September, Montevideo, Uruguay. Website:

 VIrtual - 2nd International Symposium and student competition, hosted by Council of Early Career Scientists, Theme: Food Innovations in a Post-Pandemic World
28 September, 07.00 to 09.00 ET (GMT-4). Registration:


Argentina - Biennial AATA Congress (Argentine Association of Food Science and Technology), 4 - 6 October, Puerto Madero, Argentina.

Canada - Adaptation Futures 2023, co-organised by Ouranos, Government of Canada and WASP,  IUFoST invited session. Congress Theme: Challenges of Climate Change, Food Insecurity and Sustainable Health and Wellbeing - Time to Innovate for Progress on the Global Goal of Adaptation. 2 - 6 October, Montreal, Canada. 

Egypt - The African Food Regulatory Authorities Forum (AFRAF), co-convened by the African Union Commission in partnership with the National Food Safety Authority of Egypt (NFSA.) Inaugural meeting 11-13 October 2023,  Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt.

Nigeria - NIFST 47th Conference and Annual General Meeting, (Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology). Theme: Nigerian Foods for the Global Market, 17 - 20 October, Umudike, Nigeria.

Malaysia - FIFSTA  (Food Science and Technology Institutes of the ASEAN) meeting.  Theme: Future of Food in the ASEAN, What's Next? Invited IUFoST participation and pre-congress programme with Early Career Scientists. 24 - 27 October, Sarawak, Malaysia.


Indonesia - PATPI 2nd International Conference on Food Technology and Nutrition (Indonesian Association of Food Technologists), 3 - 4 November, Bali, Indonesia.

Brazil - 15 SLACAN (Latin American Symposium on Food Science and Nutrition). Theme: The Food and Nutrition Science Revolution: Feeding the World Sustainably, 12 - 14 November, Campinas, Brazil. Website:

Kenya - 3rd FOSTEP Conference (Food Science and Technology Platform of Kenya). Theme: Sustainable Food Systems Through Research and Innovation, 13 - 17 November, Nairobi, Kenya.

Thailand - The IUFoST Future of Food Summit 2023 and ASEAN-ASSET 2023.  IUFoST Theme: Resilient and Innovative Food Systems, 13 November, Bangkok, Thailand.  Followed by ASEAN-ASSET 2023, Theme: Global Protein Integrity, 14 and 15 November, Bangkok, Thailand. ASEAN-ASSET website:

Philippines - 62nd Annual PAFT (Philippines Association of Food Technologists) Convention. Theme: The Food Industry Under Transformational Change: Accelerating Efficiency and Building Resiliency, 21 - 23 November 2023,  Quezon City, Philippines.


Ireland - 51st Annual Food Science and Technology Conference, IFSTI (Institute of Food Science and Technology of Ireland) and Teagasc Food Research Centre, Theme: Food Systems in a Changing World - the Science, Challenges and Opportunities, 6- 7 December, Ashtown, Dublin, Ireland.

USA - ISNFF Annual Conference and Exhibition, (International Society for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods), 10 - 13 December, Hawaii, USA. Website:


IUFoST 22nd World Congress,
8 - 12 September 2024, Rimini, Italy. Congress website