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IUFoST addresses Codex

IUFoST tables Codex Conference Room Documents (CRDs)
17th Session of the Codex Committee on Contaminants in Food - CCCF17
54th Session of the Codex Committee on Food Additives - CCFA 54

The Codex Alimentarius Committee (Codex) has published the conference room documents (CRDs) containing comments by the International Union for Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) and its disciplinary organization, the Global Food Regulatory Science Society (GFoRSS), on various agenda items tabled at the recent 17th Session of the Codex Committee on Contaminants in Food (CCCF17) and the 54th Session of the Codex Committee on Food Additives. IUFoST comments are expressed to aid in the connection between Codex and science, based on our global scientific expertise and competencies.

Thank you to GFoRSS and the IUFoST Codex Committee for their ongoing leadership.


IUFoST and CIFST celebrate 15 years of Food Safety collaboration in China

Co-organized by the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST) and the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST), the "2024 International Forum on Food Safety and Health" was held in Beijing on April 25 and 26. With the theme of "New Quality Productive Forces for High Levels of Health and Safety", the Forum brought together scientific expertise from around the world to explore the problems and trends in the development of the food safety. In  each of the 15 years , the International Forum on Food Safety and Health has received high-level attention from all sectors. Domestic and international representatives from relevant government departments, research institutes, enterprises and institutions attended the Forum, contributing scientific insight to enhanced food safety and health in China, and providing effective solutions to the development of global food safety and health. Presided over by IUFoST President Aman Wirakartakusumah and Xie Mingyong, CIFST Vice President, plenary speakers included Professor Sun Baoguo, Member Chinese Academy of Engineering and CIFST President; Samuel Godefroy, Former Director General of Health Canada’s Food Directorate and President Elect IUFoST; Li Ning, CIFST Vice President and Director General of the China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA); Sebastiano Porretta from the Ministry of Economic Development Parma and President of Italian Association of Food Technology;  Tariq El-Houby, Chair of the Egyptian Food Safety Authority; and Phil Bremer, Chief Scientist of the New Zealand Centre for Food Safety and Scientific Research.  Other highlights and programme innovations included the release of 10 Research Hotspots in Global Food Safety and Health and the Entrepreneurs Dialogue Summit. The summit was co-chaired by Prof. Chen Junshi, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), Chief Adviser of China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA), and Prof. Meng Suhe, Honorary President of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST). Representatives from renowned food enterprises in China and aboard, including IFF, Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co. Ltd, Ecolab Inc., Royal FrieslandCampina, PepsiCo, Nestle, Lesaffre, Mengniu Group, Tingyi Holding Corp and Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. had in-depth exchanges and discussions on theme of "New Quality Productive Forces for High Levels of Health and Safety".



The Gallery begins with the first nine new Fellows we will meet in Rimini, Italy

The International Academy (IAFoST) elected 25 new Fellows in this 14th class of outstanding food scientists and technologists.

These Fellows were elected from among many nominations by the International Academy and IUFoST Adhering Bodies, and they are acknowledged by their peers as outstanding representatives of international food science and technology. These new Fellows will be inducted in the Academy when the 22nd World Congress of Food Science and Technology is to be held in Rimini, Italy from September 8 -12, 2024. We begin the gallery by introducing nine of our newly elected Fellows.

The others will be introduced in the next few Newsbrief issues.


Francisco J. BarbaResearch Group in Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Food (ALISOST, Department of Preventatitve Medicine and Public Health, Food Science, Toxicology and Forensic Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitat de Valencia, Spain. 

Focus areas: Eco-innovative and Sustainable Food Processing Technologies. Green Chemistry for Food Applications, electrotechnologies pressurized liquids, food waste and by-products


Phil Bremer, Department of Food Science, University of Otago, and the New Zealand Food Safety Science and Research Centre, New Zealand.

Focus areas: The tracking and controlling of foodborne pathogens; developing novel bacteria control regimes; exploring the role of micro-organisms in flavour development; and investigating consumer’s food safety knowledge and perceptions 


Osvaldo Campanella, Carl E. Haas Endowed Chair in Food Industries, Department of Food Science and Technology, the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Focus Areas: Food Engineering, Extrusion Processing Technology of Food and non-Food Biomaterials


Lijun Chen, Director, National Engineering Research Center of Dairy Health for Maternal and Child; Chair, National Dairy Health Science and Technology Innovation Alliance and Chief Scientist and Vice General Manager, Bejing Sanyuan Foods Company Ltd. China

Focus Areas: Food quality control, dairy products processing, human milk research, food processing, health foods


Kuan-Cheng Cheng, Institute of Food Science and Technology, National Taiwan University, Taipei. 

Focus Areas: Fermentation; Functional Foods; Bioprocessing; Applied Microbiology, national food safety system, medicine and food homology


Marco Dalla Rosa, Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna, Italy. 

Focus areas: Mild/Non thermal processing technologies; edible and active packaging, water in foods


Ferruh Erdogdu, Ankara University, Ankara Turkey.

Focus areas: Computational Food Processing – Innovative Thermal Processing for Sustainability


Haiyan Gao, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China. 

Focus Areas: Food logistics preservation, postharvest health of fresh produce, multi-faceted exploration of plant-based foods 


Johannes Le Coutre, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. 

Focus Areas: Cellular Agriculture; Food Systems; Teaching/Public Engagement

Announcing the 2024 EGYPTIAN GLOBAL FOOD SAFETY SYMPOSIUM (EGFoSS): Modernized Food Regulatory Systems as an Engine of Innovation and Investment in the Food Production Sector.

Date: 29-30 May 2024, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt 

Background and Objectives

The National Food Safety Agency of Egypt (NFSA) is partnering with the Egyptian Chamber of Food Industries (CFI), and with the Initiative Transforming the Assessment and Inspection of Food Businesses in Egypt (TAIB), implemented by Landolakes Venture 37 and funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to launch the first series of the Egyptian Global Food Safety Symposium (EGFoSS), which is set to take place this year under the theme “Modernized Food Regulatory Systems as an Engine of Innovation and Investment in the Food Production Sector”.

This event is organized on the margins of “World Food Safety Day”, gathering food safety opinion leaders and experts from Egypt and around the world to illustrate the commitment of the Arab Republic of Egypt, represented by its primary food safety regulator, to the collaborative nature of food safety solutions, showcasing that “Food Safety is Everyone’s Business”.

This event is also supported by the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) and its disciplinary organisation the Global Food Regulatory Science Society (GFoRSS).  

Modernizing Egypt’s food regulatory system as an engine for the development of the food and agri-food sector, one of the most vital economic sectors in Egypt, is supported at the highest level of leadership of the Arab Republic of Egypt, considering the positions expressed by His Excellency President Abdelfattah Al-Sissi directing  “government authorities and partners engaged in the food and agriculture production sector towards improving their performance so that they can address food security challenges not only for Egypt but also for the whole African continent”. Click here for more information. 


Spotlight on Rose Spiess Video Competition 

As the global spotlight shines on the vital role of food science and technology in tackling pressing food-related challenges, the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) announces its bi-annual and highly anticipated Video Competition, The Rose Spiess Awards. Launched in conjunction with the IUFoST World Congress of Food Science and Technology first in 2016,  and next to be held in Rimini, Italy, this competition aims to spotlight the diverse narratives showcasing the impact of food science and technology across different regions, countries, and communities.

The competition, invites entries from  students over 18 years old worldwide. Entrants are encouraged to craft compelling videos emphasizing the central role of food science and technology in addressing various food-related issues, such as sustainability, nutrition enhancement, food waste reduction, and the integration of emerging technologies along the food chain. Aspiring contestants have until 15 June, 2024, to submit their entries via online submission to the IUFoST. The grand prize winner stands to receive $1,500.00 (USD) along with the prestigious opportunity of a full screening during the IUFoST 2024 World Congress.


Do you know about the Quiz Bowl?

In a bid to celebrate intellectual prowess and foster camaraderie among budding scholars, the Food Quiz Bowl tests the knowledge and quick recall abilities of undergraduate students in the field of Food Science and Technology. This exhilarating competition aims to spotlight the academic acumen and teamwork skills of participants while enhancing their understanding of key concepts in the realm of food science. The objectives are to encourage friendly competition at country levels and facilitate interaction between undergraduate students from different universities worldwide.

This is your chance! Your team from your school can show off your knowledge in and around food science and technology in competition with other school teams to win global recognition for your institute, to demonstrate your quick thinking and to receive certificates and other prizes. The Quiz Bowl is in the form of questions and answers covering topics in FS&T at the undergraduate level. Sign up here and join us in Rimini, Italy:


And last - Thank you to all of you who entered the now-closed IUFoST competitions. The response was overwhelming and extremely gratifying. We appreciate your interest in the present and future of Food Science and Technology and how it can help all our communities achieve safe, nutritious and sustainable food sources.  


World Food Safety Day, June 7

Sri Lanka is celebrating World Food Safety day with an online webinar organised by the Institute of Food Science and Technology SriLanka (IFSTSL) and supported by IUFoST. The Theme of World Food Safety Day 2024 is “Food safety: prepare for the unexpected”. The programme is from 09.00 to noon Sri Lankan time (GMT+ 5.30 hour). Among the celebrated speakers is Dr. Ratih Dewanti-Hariyadi, Board Member of  ICMSF, (International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods). Stay tuned for the full speakers list and details for joining.

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IUFoST World Congress - See you in Rimini!
IUFoST 22nd World Congress of Food Science and Technology, 8 - 12 September, 2024, Rimini, Italy.