15 June 2023 – An exciting new platform to facilitate and recognize the crucial role of knowledge exchange, education and collaboration in advancing Food Science, Technology and Engineering worldwide was launched today by the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST). 

IUFoST-FAKT, Food Science, Technology and Engineering Forum on Emerging Issues, Key Focus Areas, Knowledge and Teaching was conceptualized and created by the IUFoST Working Group 1.2 on Education Emerging Issues and Key Focus Areas. IUFoST-FAKT - https://forum.iufost.org - brings together academics, students, experts, researchers, educators and industry professionals. The Forum serves multiple purposes, addressing key topics in Food Science, Technology and Engineering (FSTE) education and teaching, opportunities and collaborations, industry partnerships and research in key fields.

Participants will have opportunities through this platform to gain valuable insights, enhancing teaching outcomes, for researchers to find avenues for interdisciplinary collaboration, and to build potential partnerships. Undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in FST&E can also take advantage of the IUFoST Forum to broaden their knowledge, explore career opportunities, and network with professionals in the field.

Don't miss out on this unique platform that brings together the top leaders in the field. Please register for the IUFoST-FAKT (https://forum.iufost.org) Forum and join us in fostering innovation, knowledge exchange, and collaboration in the Food Science, Technology, and Engineering Education.


About IUFoST

IUFoST  is the global union representing Food Science, Technology and Engineering, elected by its interdisciplinary peers into ICSU (now called the International Science Council). IUFoST through its national scientific bodies, regional and disciplinary groupings and other affiliates works to support programmes and projects to increase the safety and security of the world's food supply. Delivering scientific communication based on supported facts to regulators, policy makers, interdisciplinary colleagues and all who need to collaborate towards safe, sufficient and nutritious diets for all is one key part of IUFoST's work.

IUFoST Working Group 1.2, the Education Working Group on Emerging Issues and Key Focus Areas, includes representatives of IUFoST national bodies, Fellows of the Academy and Early Career Scientists. The Working Group is chaired by Dr. Cristina LM.Silva (Portugal). Members: Dr. Estela Nunes (Brazil), Dr. Fátima Miller (Portugal), Dr. Obadina Adewale (Nigeria), Dr. Ferruh Erdogdu (Turkey), Dr. Boing Sitanggang (Indonesia), Dr. Liu Mei Hui (Singapore) and Dr. Chelo Gonzales (Spain).