Congress Special Issue


Papers Submission is now Closed – Scientific Panel Review in Progress

The congress’s papers submission portal was officially closed on 31 May 2022. We have received a total of 955 papers from 61 countries over 10 categories of sub-theme. The papers submitted before 1 March 2022 have been fully reviewed and successful authors have been informed about the results of review. Papers submitted between 1 March 2022 – 31 May 2022 are currently being reviewed by the congress’s scientific panel and the results will be released by middle of June 2022.


Competitions Entries – Finalists Selection

The congress’s competition submission portal was also officially closed on 31 May 2022 except for the Rose Spiess Video Competition, which is open until 30 June.  Don’t miss the opportunity to submit your video in the next few weeks. The international jury panels have been formed and they will be shortlisting finalists for all the competition categories. The results of the preliminary selection of finalists to be featured at the congress for final judging will be released by end of June 2022.


Early Bird Registration Deadline Extended

As the results for the second batch of papers submission and the competitions’ finalists will only be released between middle to end of June 2022, the organising committee has extended the early bird registration deadline to 21 July 2022.



Program and Speakers Line Up

The following renowned international speakers have been confirmed as the congress’s Plenary Speakers. Among the other global experts lined up to provide latest science in their subject areas are  Barry Halliwell, Erich Windhab, Sam Saguy. Lifetime Achievement Award winners Ruth Oniang’o and Delia Rodriguez-Amaya on their journeys to bring health, food science and nutrition to their continents and their challenges as women in the field of science.   Join us in hearing from these and other experts speaking at this congress who are providing the international standard for science.

The details of their presentation titles will be available shortly on the congress’s website under the detailed programme page. 

The special scientific sessions by the interdisciplinary, special interest and working groups are currently being finalised and we are glad to share that the following sessions have been confirmed to date – more to come!


Session List




IUFoST National Committee of the Swiss Academy of Sciences

Title: Emerging Cellular Agriculture-Based Food Production with Microalgae as Case Study 

Prof. Alexander Mathys


ISFANS (Nanotechnology)

Title: Future of Food Manufacturing 

Prof. Hongda Chen


ISNFF (Functional Foods)

Title: Zero Waste Processing and Value-Added Food by-Product Utilization 

Prof. Fereidoon Shahidi


ECSS (Early Career Scientists)

Title: Emerging Food Science and Technology Leadership in Meeting the Grand Challenges 

Prof. George Ooko Abong



Title: Plant Based Food Processing and Nutritional Improvement

Prof. Aimin Shi


ILSI South-East Asia

Title: Food-omics – Rethinking Analytical Tools for Food Components and Their Health Impact

Dr. Hui Key Lee


IUFoST – WG 1.2 Education 

Title: Lessons for the Future: A Post-pandemic New Context for  Food Studies Teaching Methods 

Prof. Cristina L. M. Silva



Title: Be What’s Next™ Innovation Session

Dr. Chloe Gao Jie



Title: Plant-based protein: Unilever Vegetarian Butcher Perspectives

Dr. Khor Ley-Peng



Title: Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals and Natural Health Products: Effects, Bioavailability, Metabolism, and Health Effects 

Prof. Fereidoon Shahidi



Title: Future of Protein –Science, Innovation and Dietary Shifts

Dr. Hui Key Lee



Title: International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) advancing nutrition science globally.

Prof. Alfredo Martinez Hernandez


IAFoST- Global Initiative (Academy)

Title: Nutritional Strategies for Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) Management

Prof. Roger Clemens


IUFoST Working Committee of Japan

Title: Rheology and Colloid Approach in Developing Palatable and Healthy Foods (2 sessions)

Prof. Katsuyoshi Nishinari



Title: The Value of Food Processing for Nourishing People in A Healthy, Pleasurable and Sustainable Manner

Prof. Yrjö Roos



Title: Tanzania: A Country with Great Potential for Food Production and Processing

Prof Anne Perera



Title: Emerging Technologies in Food Science and Technology

Prof Hosahalli S. Ramaswamy


IUFoSTWG 1.2 Education

Title: Emerging Issues on Education and Key Focus Areas

Prof Cristina L. M. Silva


FIFSTA (South East Asia)

Title: Food Safety and Sustainability in ASEAN: Where the Future Lies

Dr Koh Yew Ming


IUFoSTWG 2.1 Food Safety 

Title: Scientific Communications - Food Safety Culture and a Pathway to Improved Food Safety Performance 

Prof. Carol Wallace 


WAAFoST (Western Africa)

Title: Towards Establishing Nigeria's Research and Development Foundation

Prof Lateef Sanni


ISOPOW (Properties of Water in Food)

Title: Innovation and Advances in Structuring Water in Foods

Prof. Yrjö Roos



Title: Advances in Food Processing Technologies

Prof Hosahalli S. Ramaswamy


IUFoST Industry Working group (TH) 

Title: Nutrition and Functional Food Health Claims in ASEAN: how possible to harmonize the regulation?  

Dr. Yuwares Malila


IUFoSTWG 3.2 Food and Nutrition Security

Title: Empowerment of sustainable food systems through food and nutrition security

Dr P G Rao


EFFoST (Europe)

Title: Interface of Food Processing and Nutrition

Prof Lilia Ahrné


Education Session by ISEKI 

Title: Training New Skills of Agri-Food Professionals For 2030

Prof. Ferruh Erdogdu



Title: Global Food Safety and Security

Dr. Diana Bogueva


ALACCTA (Central and South America)

Title: Old Ways and New Ways, Strategies Generated by the Food Scientists and Food Industry to Protect the Environment 

Prof Susana Socolovsky


ILSI South East Asia

Title: Food Packaging – Safety and Sustainability in the Food System  

Dr Hui Key Lee


Stay Tuned for More Good News on Travel Arrangements

The congress organising committee in collaboration with our official airline partner – Singapore Airline has negotiated for a discount package for our international delegates to travel to Singapore. We will be announcing the discount package and promotion code on our website soon. Do check out our congress’s website for the update on air ticket and accommodation promotions.