New SIB on Computer-Integrated Food Manufacturing

30 March 2023 - IUFoST today released its latest Scientific Information Bulletin on Computer-Integrated Food Manufacturing about the global food science and technology community represented by more than 300,000 food scientists, technologists, engineers and related social scientists worldwide working with IUFoST.

Computer-Integrated Food Manufacturing (CIFM) is part of the digital transformation of food industry that has been underway for some time but is now accelerating. While it can include all aspects of food manufacturing, including planning and design, operations, manufacturing, and customer engagement, this article focuses on computer-aided food engineering (CAFE). CAFE typically involves the building of a physics-based virtual model of the product, process, or equipment. Such a model enables understanding and quick extraction of design sensitivity for improved optimization, faster time-to-market, and higher-level innovation. Although CAFE is challenging because of complexity and variability in foods, the changes it undergoes during processing, and its multidisciplinary nature, these challenges can be overcome, particularly due to the advances in mechanistic understanding and computing resources. Digital tools in CIFM, such as CAFE, digital twins, 3-D food printing, Internet of Things, and tools for systems-level decision-making, should improve efficiency, ensure food safety and security, and minimize energy usage and food waste. Industry-university collaborations, building virtual communities and investing of governmental resources can help accelerate CIFM. 

Computer-Integrated Food Manufacturing was prepared by Ashim K. Datta, Professor, Dept. of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA; Bart M. Nicolaï, Professor, Biosystems Department – MeBioS Division, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, Belgium; Olivier Vitrac, PhD, Researcher INRAE, Paris-Saclay Food and Bioproduct Engineering research unit, AgroParisTech, Massy, France; Pieter Verboven, PhD, Research manager, Biosystems Department – MeBioS Division, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, Belgium;  Ferruh Erdogdu, Professor of Food Process Engineering, Department of Food Engineering, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey; Francesco Marra, Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Salerno, Fisciano SA, Italy; Fabrizio Sarghini, Professor, University of Naples Federico II, Department of Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Portici (NA), Italy; Chris Koh, PhD, PepsiCo R&D, Plano, TX 75024, USA; on behalf of, and approved by, the IUFoST Scientific Council.