Attention: IUFoST Adhering Bodies, IUFoST Working Groups, Task Force, Councils

Attention: IUFoST Working groups, Task Forces, Adhering Body Councils and colleagues, College of Early Career Scientists, Fellows and Governance members

Call is underway for registration and completion of internal IUFoST information forms to facilitate the IUFoST Panels, Platforms, scientific actions and Expert Resource within IUFoST and IAFoST.  Registration is open to those working within IUFoST and IAFoST or within the IUFoST national scientific members - our Adhering Bodies. Registration is the necessary first step. You will then be invited to complete the information form.

Register here: 
Please remember your username and password as you will be using them going forward to take part in Union activities.