Abstracts Open for IUFoST World Congress in Singapore - 31 October - 3 November 2022

The 21st IUFoST World Food Congress is coming to Singapore.  

Congress Theme “Future of Food – Innovation, Sustainability & Health”

Congress website: iufostworldcongress-singapore.com

Congress Concurrent Themes & Sub-Themes and Abstract Submission system:  https://papers.iufostworldcongress-singapore.com/

Agri and Aqua-Technology
Precision farming
Urban production of fresh produce and herbs
Aquatic food production
Indoor farming
Fruit and vegetable farming
Side-stream and waste valorization

Food Chemistry & Ingredients
Alternative proteins
Healthy and functional lipids
Healthy carbohydrates
Phytochemical and bioactive ingredients
Food Structure
Under-utilized crops

Food Processing and Engineering
Foodomics (metabolomics)
Encapsulation and delivery
Low and high moisture extrusion
Biotransformation and fermentation
Modeling and process design
Thermal and non-thermal processing
Membrane and separation technology
Novel processing methods
Product development and Innovation

Future of Food Manufacturing
Zero-waste processing
Life cycle analysis
Advanced manufacturing
Instrumentation, sensors, and imaging technologies
Bio-circular economy
Big data
Cellular agriculture
Food alternatives and novel foods

Food Packaging & Material Science
Packaging and shelf-life Technologies
Smart packaging
Sustainable packaging
Environmental impact of packaging
Alternative systems to disposable packaging
Novel packaging materials
Edible packaging

Supply Chain Management
Sensor and IoT -guided logistics
Technology for supply chain decarbonization
Food security after a global pandemic

Sensory & Consumer Science
Psychophysics and physiology
Developments in measures of food choice / preference
Developments in sensory measures
Sensory science and health
Food choice and consumer behavior
Applications of sensory methods
Sensory and culinary
New consumer trends

Nutrition & Health
Designing food to meet nutrition across life stages
Nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics and precision nutrition
Microbiome and gut health – fates of food and nutrients in GIT
Diet, appetite and nutrition in prevention of chronic diseases
Probiotic and prebiotic nutrition
Food for special purpose/claims
Nutraceuticals and functional foods
Dietary supplements
Stratified nutrition and digital health

Traditional & Future Food
Modernizing traditional and ethnic foods
Why traditional foods are still here – a system science view? Will they be here in future?
Traditional Chinese Medicine in foods
Ayurveda in foods
Traditional ingredients in foods

Food Safety & Regulatory Science
Toxicology and safety assessment
Physical and chemical contaminants
Hygienic design, fouling and cleaning
Microbial growth and inactivation
Testing methods, instrumentation and analysis
Traceability and transparency
Risk and benefit assessment
Risk communication
Data-driven early warning system
Micro- and nano-plastics – an emerging food safety concern?
Public policy and regulations

Public Private Partnership & Open Innovation
Pre-competitive research
Industry-led consortiums
Incubators / accelerators for agritech, foodtech startups