IUFoST-FS-2: Food Safety - Personal Hygiene

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Most people carry some type of disease-causing organism at one time or another. Therefore food handlers have a moral and legal responsibility to observe high standard of personal cleanliness to ensure that they do not contaminate food and cause illness. Food handlers should be in good health and have clean habits to prevent the direction contamination of food.

At the end of the module, trainees should be able to explain the importance of personal hygiene in food handling, describe the sources of contamination from people, including personal clothing or habits and how risks can be eliminated, explain the importance of protective clothing and explain the risks associated with food being handled by carriers of, or sufferers from food poisoning or food-borne diseases.

Course Content

  1. Introduction to Personal Hygiene
  2. Contamination by the hair, nose, mouth and ears
  3. Contamination by the hands and fingernails
  4. Contamination by the skin, cuts and grazes
  5. Contamination by jewellery, perfume and smoking
  6. Protective clothing
  7. General Health and Reporting of Illness
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