IUFoST-FP-1: Introduction to Food Packaging

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This first module has been written to provide a basic understanding of an introduction to food packaging. On completion of this introductory module, the student will be familiar with the functions and attributes of food packaging, together with the environments where packaging has to perform those functions. Subsequent modules will provide an introduction to the four major groups of food packaging materials; glass and plastics. The last module concludes with a brief consideration of closures and heat sealing.

This second module has been written to provide a basic understanding of, and introduction to, paper-based packaging materials. On completion of this module, the student will have a general appreciation of the raw materials and processes used to manufacture paper-based packaging materials, as well as the major categories of paper-based packaging materials and their use in the packaging of food.

Course Content

  1. Introduction to Food Packaging
  2. Paper-based Packaging
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