IUFoST-FD-1: Introduction to Food Dehydration

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The purpose of this manual is to provide a basic understanding of dehydration and drying as it is used in the food industry and in various sectors in the agriculture industry.

In Chapter 1, we will examine the reasons for drying food, and then look at the factor influencing drying. We will conclude Chapter 1 with a discussion of the effects of drying on the product.

Chapter 2 is designed to assist you in understanding the difficulty that many people have in understanding drying particularly with gathering and the organization of information with their specific drying process.

Chapter 3 is to introduce a dimensional analysis approach to problem solving in relation to the delicate calculations involved with drying food.

Chapter 4 introduces the concepts of wet basis moistures and dry basis moistures.

Course Content

  1. Getting Started
  2. Organizing Information
  3. Dimensional Analysis Approach to Problem Solving
  4. Wet and Dry Basis Moisture
  5. Sources of Information


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