National Scientific Bodies of IUFoST (Adhering Bodies)  interested in organising and staging the World Congress of Food Science and Technology issue formal written invitations to the Secretary-General according to procedure following the call for bids for that Congress and commit in writing to adhere to the published Congress guidelines in effect at the time of the invitation and to the contract agreed between the two parties.  (The updated Congress guidelines in effect for the 2022 World Congress will be available soon on this page). The Governing Council is authorised to accept one of these invitations and to authorise the host country to proceed with plans and preparations for the next congress.

The Congress contract signed between the host country and IUFoST provides specific details of the elements required by IUFoST in accordance with its Mission in addition to the general guidelines. The host country (Adhering Body) is responsible for planning and staging, in consultation with IUFoST and within the Congress Guidelines, an international congress.

The Call for Bids for the 2022 IUFoST World Congress (World Food Congress) will be sent to IUFoST National Scientific Bodies in late 2017.  It is a two-step process for review of bids.

Round 1  – An Expression of Interest

An Expression of Interest is invited from those countries/territories wishing to bid for the 2022 IUFoST Congress. The document must be a maximum of 2 pages in length plus no more than five (5) support letters, and shall include:

  • History and composition of Adhering Body (number of industry/academia/students, researchers in membership)
  • Experience with conferences/symposia – scale of these events
  • When was the last conference/symposium held – attendees, speakers, intended audience, topics
  • Location the Adhering Body would choose for the congress and why
  • Support or reference letter from government office associated with Food Science

Failure to submit according to the criteria above shall result in the Expression of Interest being declared invalid and not put forward for further consideration. Please submit the documents electronically to the IUFoST Secretariat.

IUFoST Governing Council (GC) will evaluate the Expressions of Interest and provide a rating according to the following criteria (not weighted by order below) to the Secretary-General:

  • Location
  • Local capabilities
  • Scientific capability
  • Ability to meet established criteria
  • Adhering Body experience
  • Has IUFoST met in the country/territory before? (a Governing Council meeting, congress or other event), please detail
  • Industry involvement

2. A short list will be formed in and then all candidates will be informed accordingly as follows:

  1. a) thank you but not short listed this time and supplied with a reason or
  2. b) yes, short listed and supplied with the procedure to prepare for a full bid document.

Please note that no late entries can be accepted.

Round 2 – Short List – Full Proposal on or before date To be determined in 2018

The short listed candidates are invited to prepare a full proposal to be submitted no later than date to be determined in 2018. A professionally prepared bid is discouraged. It is recommended that bidders make use of the promotional services available to them from local and government bodies in order to minimize any costs. The short-listed candidates are invited to present their proposals to the Governing Council at its meeting in Mumbai, India,  the day prior to the beginning of the World Congress. A presentation of maximum 10 minutes and maximum 20 minutes for discussion by a representative of the Adhering Body will be required. No gifts, no lobbying and no appeal process will be permitted. Proxy voting is permitted through the Secretary-General. The final decision will be made public at the Closing Ceremonies of the Congress and General Assembly.