Elections 2022

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Election Nomination Form for President Elect, Members of the Board, 
Scientific Council Chair Elect and Scientific Council Members 


Nominations are invited for the position of President Elect, and Board Members, Scientific Council Chair Elect and Scientific Council Members. 

Nominees must be Fellows of the Academy for the Scientific Council Chair Elect and Councillors positions.

Nominees for Board positions do not have to be Fellows but must be nominated by an IUFoST Adhering Body.

The short nominee background statement should include recent positions held, expertise, experience of IAFoST and IUFoST and suitability for office. Please complete the required information and submit it as suggested below through the Nominations and Elections Committee Chair, Subject: Nomination - with a copy to the Secretariat or through the online portal on the IUFoST Website. If submission is made through the website (available from 31 May) it is suggested that for additional confirmation, send an email to the IUFoST Secretariat - Subject Line - Nominations: a nomination has been submitted. 


Please fill in the appropriate areas of the form and return as requested below.

*3 Adhering Body Members required to nominate President Elect of IUFoST;

*2 Adhering Body Members to nominate for Board of Directors.

Nomination Form to be returned to the Chair, Nominations and Elections Advisory Committee, Dr. Pingfan Rao,  (pingfan.rao@gmail.com) with a copy to the IUFoST Secretariat at secretariat@iufost.org or  through the online system on the IUFoST website  under Nominations and Elections  sub-section in the IUFoST Governance section of the IUFoST website  https://www.iufost.org as of 31 May 2022.