Selected Case Studies: Chapters

Using Food Science and Technology to Improve Nutrition and Promote National Development: Selected Case Studies

Editors: Gordon Robertson, John Lupien

ISBN No 978-0-9810247-0-7

IUFoST aims to strengthen the role of food science and technology in helping secure the world’s food supply and eliminate world hunger by delivering programs such as distance education, workshops and integrated food systems targeted to these needs.

It is hoped that this handbook will show, through the use of case studies, how the application of food science and technology has improved nutrition and promoted national development in developing countries. The handbook is intended to transmit useful information on applications of food science and technology to those affiliated to both developed and developing countries.

Making the chapters freely available for download will ensure the widest-possible audience.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: “Small and Medium-Size Food Producers and Processors: Potential in National Development, International Trade, and Role in Solving Nutritional Problems” John R. Lupien

Chapter 2: “The Role of Postharvest Technology in Improving Nutrition and Promoting National Development in Developing Countries: Constraints and Challenges” Elhadi M. Yahia

Chapter 3: “The Role of Traditional Food Processing Technologies in National Development: the West African Experience” O. Charles Aworh

Chapter 4: “Solar Drying in Developing Countries: Possibilities and Pitfalls” Donald G. Mercer

Chapter 5: “Village Level Processing: Empowerment Through Enterprise Skills Development in Lao PDR, Myanmar and Viet Nam” Alastair Hicks

Chapter 6: “Improving the Operation of a Commercial Mango Dryer” Donald G. Mercer and Robert Myhara

Chapter 7: “Implementation of a Two-stage Drying System for Grains in Asia” George Srzednicki and Robert H. Driscoll

Chapter 8: “Efforts to Promote Amaranth Production and Consumption in Uganda to Fight Malnutrition” John H. Muyonga, Dorothy Nabakabya, Dorothy N.Nakimbugwe and Dorothy Masinde

Chapter 9: “Postharvest Storage of Apples in China: A Case Study” Guipu Li and Duo Li

Chapter 10: “Improved Nutrition and National Development Through the Utilization of Cassava in Baked Foods” Kolawole O. Falade and John O. Akingbala

Chapter 11: “Agriculture, Nutrition and National Development” M.S. Swaminathan

Chapter 12: “Minimizing Postharvest Losses in Yam (Dioscorea spp.): Treatments and Techniques” Zinash Delebo Osunde

Chapter 13: “Food Processing and Preparation Technologies for Sustainable Utilization of African Indigenous Vegetable for Nutrition Security and Wealth Creation in Kenya” F.O. Habwe, K.M. Walingo and M.O.A.Onyango

Chapter 14: “Indigenous Food Processing Methods that Improve Nutrient Bioavailability in Plant-based Diets of the Kenyan Population: the Example of Zinc” Mary Khakoni Walingo

Chapter 15: “Application of Consumer-driven Product Design for Development of a Passion Fruit Drink in Thailand: A Case Study” Prinya Wongsa

Chapter 16: “Insects as a Delicacy and a Nutritious Food in Thailand” Sirithon Siriamornpun and Pornpisanu Thammapat

Chapter 17: “Studies on the Production and Utilization of Dried Cassava Chips as Human Food”
Elohor O. Udoro, Olasunkanmi S. Gbadamosi and Kehinde A. Taiwo