Scientific Council

The Scientific Council (SC) is an IUFoST Standing Committee. It is an elected body whose members  are all Fellows nominated by other Academy Fellows and elected by the voting delegates of the National Scientific Bodies (Adhering Bodies).

The SC composed of the Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair, two Scientific Councillors and the President of the International Academy. The President of IUFoST and the Secretary-General are non-voting members. The SC Chair is a member of the Board, participates in meetings of the Board and Governing Council, and is a voting member of the IUFoST Governing Council.

The purpose of the Scientific Council is to advise on opportunities of scientific activity for IUFoST in keeping with the Union’s vision and mission and to oversee the scientific output of the Union. Its responsibilities include maintenance of the scientific standard and integrity of all IUFoST activities. It is also responsible for recommendations, as requested, to the Secretary-General, with the advice from the designated Fellows of the Academy, chairs and members of working groups, task forces to carry out specific tasks such as preparation of position papers and offering of expert advice as requested.  The SC does not play a role in the Union’s financial affairs.

Members of the Scientific Council, 2020-2022

Scientific Council Terms of Reference