Academic Programme Benchmarking and Approvals

In response to requests by the international food science and technology community, and in agreement with IUFoST Goals and Objectives defined by the General Assembly of national scientific members, IUFoST has initiated the establishment of bench-marking food science and technology higher education degrees.

IUFoST Assessment and Approval is a two-step process:

1. Receipt and review of the curricula by the IUFoST Education Committee members. In cases where the curricula has already been reviewed and passed the review process at the national level, there are few or no further requirements in terms of assessment of the curricula itself.

2. The On-Site Assessment. This is an integral part of the IUFoST process and involves meeting with the faculty, students, advisory boards and graduates and a tour of the facilities and pilot plant. The purpose is to see and hear how the programmes are delivered, how they work, how students are evaluated for progress, and their outcomes. It offers tangible evidence of the programme’s ability to meet expectations. It also offers the opportunity during the On-Site Assessment for the programme under review to give students and faculty access to these global experts for lectures and symposia.

The On-Site Assessment is usually coordinated with the IUFoST Education Advisor connected with the national bodies as a liaison, and the panel participants include a representative of the national body, a regional representative from the International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST) and an international representative of IUFoST and its Education Committee.

Institutions receiving the IUFoST Food Science and Technology programme Certificate of Approval meet stringent outcome-based requirements. IUFoST certification recognizes each institution’s commitment to providing students with the highest quality food science and technology education.

Programme History, Tiered Approach and FS&T curricula requirements coming soon to this page.

Requests for application for assessment can be directed to the IUFoST secretariat at