2017 – News Brief 2



8th International Food Safety Forum, Beijing, China

Dr. Karl Schebesta, Chief, Food Systems and Nutrition Division, Department of Agri-Business, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), leads the international programme as keynote speaker at the 8th International Food Safety Forum to be held from April 18 to 21 in Beijing, China, at the Friendship Hotel. The Forum is widely considered to be the highest-level meeting on food safety in China “due to its outstanding achievements and great influences”. The pre-Forum workshops on April 18 and 19 include one offered by China FDA and a workshop developed by members of the International Commission for Microbiological Specifications of Food (ICMSF), one of IUFoST’s Disciplinary Groups, and sponsored by Walmart.

These events are co-organised by Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST) and IUFoST under the auspices of China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China (NHFPC), and other Chinese governmental and international organisations. Further details in Events.

SAAFoST/IUFoST Food Fraud Workshop

The important role played by food science and technology in pre-empting, recognising and  addressing food fraud takes centre stage in the Food Fraud Workshop being presented by IUFoST South African Adhering Body SAAFoST on March 29 in Pretoria, South Africa. The workshop, co-organised with IUFoST, features experts who will address current perspectives and issues such as food quality standards and consumer protection, legal aspects and legislative requirements to combat food fraud. Further details in Events. (Also read IUFoST Scientific Information Bulletin (SIB) on Food Fraud Prevention, published November 2016, here).

Formation of New National Food Science and Technology Body

Senior officials from the Ministry of Health, Laos PDR, joined 20 professionals from the fields of academia, food and agro-industry on March 10 for the First Meeting on the Draft Constitution of FoSTAL in Vientiane, Laos, to discuss and edit the Lao-language version of the Constitution to process it towards formal registration. This Constitution is based broadly on that of the first five ASEAN countries in FIFSTA, the IUFoST regional group, and it has been instrumental in enabling a further five countries to join FIFSTA over the past two decades. Fellow of IAFoST Darunee Edwards, who is a member of IUFoST Governing Council, participated in this first meeting together with Alastair Hicks, Fellow and member of the IAFoST Executive Council.

Food Safety and Nutritional Security Workshop in Lebanon

Organized through Dr. Lara Hanna Wakim, IUFoST Governing Council and LAFST member, a series of professional training programmes on Food Safety and Nutritional Security were held over six days at the Holy Spirit of Kaslk University, (USEK), Lebanon, beginning on February 28. The opening ceremony for the first of these training programmes was attended by senior Government officials and other distinguished guests.

The training was held in response to health concerns related to Lebanese civil service members and their families. The objectives of the programmes were to raise the awareness of food safety and nutritional security among those participating; to help the attendees improve their nutritional choices; to avoid poor nutrition; and to provide hands-on training on food service best practices and management. Additional goals were to assist in reducing government medical bills and to improve the health and well-being of those involved.

Initiatives such as this are recommended as potential actions by other countries and IUFoST Adhering Body members. The IUFoST Scientific Council has indicated its willingness to work with Lebanese colleagues and others in support of this type of scientific endeavour.

Upcoming Events


March 29 – Impact of Food Fraud on Food Safety Workshop, Pretoria, South Africa. Learn more here.


April 3-7 – Codex Committee on Contaminants in Foods, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Learn more here.

April 4-5 – Towards Global Prevention and Mitigation of Food Fraud Symposium, Quebec City, Canada. This conference will review current knowledge, mobilize resources and create momentum for collective action on global food fraud. Keynote lectures, presentations and panel discussions gathering experts from around the world, including Mansel Griffiths, member of the Global Food Safety Curricula Initiative (GFSCI) programme. Learn more here.

April 18-21 – 8th International Food Safety Forum, Beijing, China, Forum contact here.

April 23-28 – 5th Anniversary international conference, Sustainable Postharvest and Food Technologies – INOPTEP 2017, Vrsac, Serbia. Learn more here.


May 15-19 – FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for Near East, Rome Italy. Learn more here.

May 21-24 – Science and Innovations in Grains: From Asia-Pacific to the World, Xiamen,China.

Learn more here.

May 22-24 – SOCHITAL Congress, Santiago, Chile. Learn more here.

World Food Congress  – Please note

DATE MOVED to October 23-27, 2018  

IUFoST World Congress of Food Science and Technology, Mumbai, India   

The dates for the 2018 World Food Congress have moved. Pre-Congress Working Group and Workshops and associated Adhering Body events are scheduled for October 23, with Congress opening ceremonies taking place on October 24. The Congress ends with the IUFoST General Assembly on October 27. Plans for the programme are well underway and details will be provided as they progress.


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