Method of Operations and Communications for the Governing Council

The IUFoST Governing Council (GC) meets face-to-face annually in conjunction with an IUFoST related conference or symposium and it is expected that GC members will make themselves available to speak at the associated meeting or symposium. Every second year the IUFoST Governing Council’s face-to-face meeting will precede the IUFoST World Congress  for a period of two days maximum. Governing Council members are asked to make themselves available for the duration of the congress and General Assembly and for the GC meeting preceding the congress.

In between the face-to-face meetings, the Governing Council meets as needed. Email messages, skype calls and telephone conferencing are all used as methods of GC communications.   A GC group email is also provided for communications between members (Group Name: IUFoST Governing Council).

Meetings, whether face-to-face or by other means, are organized through the Secretary-General’s (SG) office.

Members of the Governing Council tend to the general business of the Union in conjunction with the Board and also contribute in addition to online IUFoST media and publications by forwarding articles of interest, indicating issues of importance in areas related to Food Science and Technology and recommendations regarding speakers and topics that should be considered at IUFoST symposia, workshops and in congress programmes.

The Governing Council receives updates through the SG’s office on all working group/task forces, commissions and on status of IUFoST.

Members of the Governing Council represent IUFoST in all their activities during their term in office and advise the Secretary-General’s office in advance when they plan to attend or participate in meetings in order that IUFoST’s mission and vision may be put forward as appropriate at these events to encourage national and international involvement in global food science and technology.

IUFoST powerpoint presentations, background documents and lists of the Scientific Information Bulletins (SIBs), in addition to information on IUFoST’s ongoing work in the areas of its working groups and task forces, are available as needed for members of the Governing Council in the course of their work.

The Secretary-General’s office is the communications point for the Governing Council in its general activities.