Food Safety

“With increasing liberalization of trade, human food products, animal feed, and ingredients are being globally distributed. Often food products contain components from processors in numerous countries, highlighting the need for harmonized and equivalent standards.

Food is only as safe as the standards of the weakest players in the food chain and no country is immune, pathogens and chemical contaminants do not respect national boundaries.” Patrick Wall, Co-Chair IUFoST Expert Working Group on Food Safety.

Committee on Food Safety

The IUFoST International Committee on Food Safety was formed in partnership with the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST) to help to guide China towards best case practices related to standardization, consumer health and maintaining proper regulation along all levels of the supply chain.

Recognising that the international exchange of ideas and collaboration on food safety issues is extremely important in addressing dramatic changes in the food safety management and inspection systems, this successful collaboration has been followed by additional meetings around the globe. See also the IUFoST Global Food Safety Curricula Initiative.

The Committee on Food Safety is comprised of distinguished members from China, North America and Europe, representing global expertise from industry and research and development, government and academia.

IUFoST Food Safety Co-Chairs also  advise and act with IUFoST on emerging and current issues in the area of food safety from the national and regional perspective.