Become an Adhering Body

Membership in the International Union of Food Science and Technology, a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, is open to all nations on the basis of one representative body from each nation or defined territory. A representative body is defined as:

  • A national food science and/or food technology society, institute, or similar group of food scientists and/or engineers, and/or food technologists
  • An academy of sciences, a national research council, a national laboratory or similar organisation of scientists
  • An inter-society committee, or similar group, representing two or more societies of food scientists, and/or food engineers, and/or food technologists
  • A national committee representing food scientists and/or food engineers, and/or food technologists of that country or a government-sponsored group working in the area of food science and technology.

Application for IUFoST membership by a representative national body shall be made to the Executive Director at

Application Form for Adhering Body Status in the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST)

Attach organisational information: a) description and history, b) governance, c) members (% industry, % academia, % government) and d) reference from relevant national government institution regarding applicants’ position as national representative for food science and technology

FEE: The annual fees are based on HDI and other social and economic indicators. There is a one-time entrance fee of US$100. Please contact the Secretariat for country-specific dues information.

Annual Dues may be paid by Mastercard or Visa, bank draft or wire transfer.

Send the completed application to: