IAFoST Terms of Reference

IAFoST and Academy Executive Council

1. Terms of Reference

As the International Union of Food Science & Technology (IUFoST) is recognised as the premier organization of world food science and technology and is a federation of national food science organizations; a full member of ISC (International Science Council); and has access to the best of the world’s food scientists and technologists via these national organizations, an international academy of distinguished scientists and technologists was formed in 1998 to draw directly on this resource.

IUFoST established The International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST) (hereinafter referred to as “the Academy”) as one organ to accomplish its mission. The Academy is a statutory component of the International Union of Food Science and Technology, IUFoST.

Purpose: The Academy (IAFoST) identifies and recognizes individuals distinguished by their scientific and professional contribution to food science and technology; works to further improve international cooperation and exchange of information; promotes food science and technology and other sciences of importance to IUFoST’s discipline and stimulates international education and training in food science and technology. This elected group of distinguished food scientists and technology serve as independent persons in the Academy representing no institution. The Academy serves collectively as a pool of scientific expertise in food science and technology from which IUFoST may draw expert advice on scientific matters to support International activities related to food science and technology through IUFoST. The Academy acts in an advisory capacity to IUFoST and to the Adhering Bodies of IUFoST.

2. Composition and Election

Academy: The membership of the Academy reflects, as much as possible, the global distribution by country of eligible scientists. For each period between IUFoST World Congresses no more than 30 persons may be elected as Fellows. At the time of election all must be professionally active (not necessarily employed). To be eligible for election as a Fellow, a person must be generally recognized as having established an outstanding reputation for scientific accomplishments and/or leadership in the area of food science and technology. The President, Past Presidents, Secretary General and Past Secretaries General of IUFoST are Fellows of IAFoST. The IUFoST Distinguished Lecturer at each IUFoST World Congress is considered on an individual basis for immediate Fellowship (if eligible) in IAFoST. Future IUFoST Presidents and Secretaries-General not already Fellows of the Academy will be considered with the roster of Fellows for the congress in question. The decision will rest with the Fellows of the Academy.

Academy Executive Council (AEC): The Academy Executive Council directs the work of the Academy. It consists of a President, Past President and a President Elect, and two further Fellows as Executive Councillors. Members of the Executive Council are elected for the period between World Congresses. The President and President Elect serve in those capacities for a single term. The two Executive Councillors can be re-elected once consecutively.

3. General Activities

As a learned society composed of elected members (Fellows) from all parts of the world, who will usually, but not necessarily, be affiliated with Adhering Bodies of the union, the Academy promotes, for the benefit of the international community through IUFoST, food science and technology and related sciences. The Academy promotes high standards of ethics and scientific endeavours among food scientists and technologists. In seeking to promote scientific endeavour, the Academy encourages communication, discussion and interaction with similar international scientific groups.

The Academy takes initiatives related to the above in consultation with IUFoST. Academy Fellows are in IUFoST committees and lead many of these activities. Fellows of the Academy are called upon to champion IUFoST activities and initiatives and according to their areas of expertise to speak at IUFoST supported meetings and conferences. Acting as Ambassadors of IUFoST in their own countries and with other international organisations are integral parts of the Academy’s work. All Academy and AEC activities are conducted according to the mission and vision of IUFoST.

An important statutory activity of the Academy is to nominate Fellows for election by the IUFoST General Assembly as Chair Elect of the Scientific Council, and for election of two Executive Councillors of the Scientific Council for terms of office corresponding to the IUFoST World Food Congresses.

The Academy also considers and puts forward nominees to deliver the Distinguished Lecture at the IUFoST World Congresses.

4. Meetings

The President presides over the meetings of the International Academy and the Executive Council of the Academy (ECA). Meetings whether face to face or by other means generally are arranged between the AEC President and the IUFoST secretariat office. The Academy meets in conjunction with the World Congresses of IUFoST. The Executive Council meets in conjunction with the meetings of the Governing Council of IUFoST (either in person or through alternate means). Other meetings may also be arranged when necessary, desirable and possible. It is recommended that the AEC consider holding meetings approximately every four months to discuss activities and initiatives.

If the AEC cannot arrive at decisions through general consensus then a vote will occur and majority view taken. Decisions of the Fellows are arrived at through majority vote of those voting unless otherwise stated in the election or process. All proceedings are reported to IUFoST. The President of the AEC is a member of the Governing Council and attends the annual Governing Council meetings wherever they may be held.  The IUFoST World Food Congress occurs every two years and it is considered most important for the members of the Academy Executive Council to play an active role up to and during the congress and at the General Assembly, according to the IUFoST programme for the meetings (separate from congress organization).

5. Method of Operations and Communication

The Academy operates in accordance with Statutes approved by the General Assembly of IUFoST. Amendments to the Statutes can be proposed by the Governing Council or by the Academy Executive Council, or by five members of the Academy, or by five members of the General Assembly and shall take effect immediately on approval by the General Assembly by a two-thirds majority.

Election procedures: Nominations for election as Fellows are invited by the IUFoST Secretariat Office works in conjunction with the IUFoST Nominations and Elections Committee during the twelve months leading up to an IUFoST World Congress, and may be made by Adhering Bodies, the IUFoST Governing Council and Fellows of the Academy. Fellows of the Academy vote in the election of new Fellows. A two thirds (2/3) yes vote by electronic mail ballot of those Fellows voting in the election is required for election into the Academy. Newly elected Fellows are announced in advance of each IUFoST World Congress and the Fellows Induction Ceremony takes place during the World Congress.

The IUFoST Secretariat Office works in conjunction with the IUFoST Nominations and Elections Committee and invites nominations for Academy Executive Council from Fellows approximately nine months in advance of the congress.

Amendment Procedures: Any proposal for amendment of the Statutes may be put forward by the Governing Council of IUFoST, or by the Academy Executive Council, or by any five members of the Academy or by any five members of the IUFoST General Assembly. Such proposals shall be notified no later than four months prior to the next General Assembly, to the Secretary, who will circulate them to delegates of the General Assembly. Proposals will be voted on by the General Assembly and to be adopted require at least a 2/3 (two-thirds) majority of those voting in person, or by mail or electronic ballot. Other amendments are put to the General Assembly in electronic vote between congresses and the outcome is accepted for action on official report of the vote.

Academy work and Activities: Members of the Academy Executive Council represent IUFoST and IAFoST in all their activities during their term in office and therefore are asked to advise the IUFoST Secretariat office in advance when they plan to attend or participate in meetings in order that IUFoST’s mission and vision may be put forward as appropriate at these events to encourage national and international involvement in global food science and technology.

Documents and Communications Vehicles: IUFoST PowerPoint presentations, background documents and Academy Initiatives in addition to information on IUFoST’s ongoing work are available as needed for members of the AEC in the course of their work. Business cards are available to all members of the Executive Council of the Academy if desired.

Reporting: The Executive Council of the Academy officially reports to the Governing Council and General Assembly.

6. Resources and Budget

Academy administrative costs are included in the general IUFoST operating budget. Funds required for specific projects are evaluated according to the resources available. Council members representing the Union at the request of IUFoST maybe reimbursed for their costs.