Food Science Students Fighting Hunger




Food Science and Technology students are invited to be part of the solution to world hunger. In keeping with IUFoST’s aim to strengthen the role of food science and technology in securing the world’s food supply and eliminating world hunger, the Food Science Students Fighting Hunger IUFoST Product Development Competition encourages undergraduate students to use their knowledge and skills to develop innovative food products to fight hunger.

Finalists will present their products at the IUFoST World Congress of Food Science and Technology, being held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, from August 17-21. The winning development team and product will be announced during the World Food Congress.


Food Science and Technology students at the undergraduate level are challenged to develop high-protein, high-fibre, low-sodium products using low to no meat/alternative proteins based on regional raw materials and technologies. Alternative proteins could include plant proteins, microbial proteins, insect proteins, and/or combinations.

Each project team must submit a detailed written project summary prepared under the guidance of their academic supervisors for use by judges prior to the Congress. It must include a suitable literature review (max. 2 pages); evidence of good project planning and allocation of work among a project team; and detailed consideration of key food science and technology components in the development of the product and sufficient information regarding the products developed.

Competition Requirements

The primary focus of the Competition is on the scientific and technological principles behind the product:

1. The projects should comprise the development of a particular innovative new food product from first principles to a full commercial prototype.

2. The product should fill a specific niche in the consumer food market within the country from which the project originates; added acceptability in other countries is desirable, as is use of local raw materials and consideration of environmental and sustainability factors.

3. Projects must demonstrate sound scientific and technological principles and understanding of the commercial principles behind the project, including

• Formulation, packaging and process development

• Practical manufacturing and distribution requirements for the product

• Supply and procurement of raw and packaging materials

• Food safety requirements, including HACCP

• Quality requirements

• Shelf testing and estimation of shelf life

• Sensory evaluation of prototypes, both during the formulation development process and by means of some simple consumer evaluations of the finished product

• Regulatory requirements

• Product cost and tentative selling price with due regard for other components contributing to the price

• Target market

4. Evidence of a suitable literature review of both the relevant scientific principles and the commercial potential of the project is required.

5. Evidence of good project planning and allocation of work among the project team is required.

6. Availability of samples is required, although it is understood that this may be impacted by customs requirements and storage considerations, particularly for perishable products. If physical samples are not available, suitable packaging mock-ups and photographs of finished products must be supplied.


A two-page letter specifying details of the project and product must be submitted as part of an online application at between January 6th, 2013 and March 14, 2014.

Applications will be considered by the relevant IUFoST Adhering Body in conjunction with IUFoST. Finalists will be informed by IUFoST by April 15, 2014.

Detailed written project reports must be submitted to IUFoST by July 25th 2014.

All other information and samples for the project must be available at the World Food Congress venue in Montreal by August 16, 2014.


Each Competition team will display its product, including samples, along with an outline of the project in poster form and will present a short verbal presentation about the project.

A panel of judges will review project summary provided by each team prior to the displays and presentations. They will then review the displays prior to the verbal presentations in a closed session, during which they will question the teams about the products.

The judges will score the projects on a number of criteria and prizes will be awarded for the following categories:

• Best Presentation

• Best Display

• Best Technical/Scientific Content

• Best Commercial Content/Most Marketable Idea

Cash prizes may be awarded for both the individual categories and the best overall project.

Attendance by Project Team Members at IUFoST World Food Congress

While not all members of a project team may be able to attend the World Food Congress due to financial constraints, at least one member of each team must be there to present the project and answer questions from the judges. As many team members as possible are encouraged to attend, both to support the presentation and to maximize this unique experience through contact with World Food Congress participants.

Every effort will be made to ensure that the projects are judged equally, irrespective of the number of team members present.

Some funding support may be available through IUFoST and/or Adhering Bodies, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Online application/nominations forms will be available on this page by: 

January 6th

Happy Holidays!