The Federation of the Institutes of Food Science and Technology in ASEAN (FIFSTA)

Address: 89 Short Street #04-02 Golden Wall Center, Singapore 188216


1. Creation of a Council comprising representatives from recognized national Food Science and Technology Institutes or organizations within ASEAN. Each organization so represented shall be an Ordinary member of FIFSTA. Each ordinary member shall nominate two representatives, one regular and one alternate, to the Council.

2. Election of a Chairman of the Council shall be by members of the Council

3. Appointment of Committees, Sections or Groupings, that the Council may deem necessary to achieve FIFSTAs aims which shall be through:
* organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and short courses;
* publishing periodicals, newsletters and reports;
* exchanging documentations, literatures, speakers, instructors, instructional aids, etc.

4. Development of other methods and/or approaches to achieve objectives which shall be decided by the FIFSTA Council