2024 Bids for World Congress

7 August 2019

Notice to Official Delegates and Representatives of IUFoST Adhering Bodies

Dear IUFoST Members and Colleagues,

The IUFoST Board has a two-step process for Adhering Bodies interested in hosting the 2024 IUFoST World Congress. We invite first an EXPRESSION OF INTEREST from those Adhering Bodies who would like to bid for the 2024 Congress. The Expression of Interest, prepared as outlined in the Bid Procedures, should be sent to the IUFoST Secretariat Office at secretariat@iufost.org on or before the 1 March 2020 deadline.

Those Adhering Bodies who are shortlisted after the first round (you will be advised by 1 March) will be invited to prepare a full proposal to the Board, through the office of the IUFoST Secretariat Office secretariat@iufost.org on or before 1 August 2020. The short-listed candidates also will have the opportunity to make a short presentation to the Board, as outlined in the Bid Procedures, at the IUFoST World Food Congress in Auckland, New Zealand. The Board will make the decision in August 2020 at the World Congress in New Zealand.

Please find the Bid Procedures and Congress Guidelines  for additional information.