World of Food Science - Vol. 11 "Water and Food"

This issue of The World of Food Science looks at the role of water in foods, food science and technology, and the environment. An overview of the EU Water Framework Directive and its application in Ireland is followed by the IUFoST Scientific Council’s Scientific Information Bulletin (SIB) on ‘Taking the measure of water’, a report of the ISOPOW Committee meeting and roundtable discussion, and four papers from the recent ISOPOW 11 Symposium held in Querérato, México, September 2010.

This volume also contains the following articles and reports:

•    Focus papers:

â—¦ Richard Hall summarises changes in the World Congress scientific program since the 3rd Congress (SOS/70) held in Washington, DC in 1970; 

◦ Nina Olsen provides an analysis of European consumers’ purchase intentions; and


â—¦ English/Spanish versions of a paper on bioactive compounds in tropical fruits is presented by Carmela Velazquez and co-workers.

•     Food Security Update: Walter Spiess provides an update on food security papers and discussions presented at and before World Congress 15; and Daryl Lund provides a snapshot of the outcomes of a biosecurity workshop in Ethiopia.

•    Association News: An overview of Congress 15 held in Cape Town by Ken Buckle, including the Cape Town Declaration  (, is followed by several reports of Adhering Body activities and events.

•    Student Reports and Perspectives: Food science students of Curtin University, Australia, provide their views after attending Congress 15, a major scientific meeting in an overseas country.

•    International Regulatory Update: Regular correspondent John Lupien provides a brief overview of the safety evaluation of food additives.

•    Calender of Events: Check the dates and locations of some important future food science and technology and related events around the globe.