April 2020 – News Brief

ALACCTA Video Webinar:  ALACCTA, IUFoST Regional Body for Central and South America contributes this important video webinar to aid in making scientific expertise available in all areas of food science, for governments, industry and populations around the world.

TITLE: Desafíos y estrategias para la cadena alimentaria ante la pandemia de COVID 19

FIND it here: https://youtu.be/rXL5HgXCXkA

ACADEMY COUNCIL ELECTIONS:  Nominations close on 30 April. For more information, secretariat@iufost.org

EDUCATION SURVEY: The main objective of the IUFoST Education Committee survey on Innovative Teaching Approaches in Food Studies is to evaluate the status of higher education teachers on the use of different teaching resources, especially open access, and methods in the field of food studies. 

The second goal is to anticipate that the current covid-19 pandemic will lead to significant changes in methods and resources for teaching, and, thus, this survey can assist in preparedness with methods and resources that can accelerate that change. 

The online survey to be completed by educators in the field of food higher education,  can be accessed by clicking on this link: shorturl.at/bdCTU.   Please forward the link to your colleagues.