Working Groups


IUFoST's Food Security Expert Panel

In 2010 the FAO reported that over 925 million people worldwide suffer the effects of food insecurity due to extreme poverty. Of the 6.8 billion people currently in existance, as many as 2 billion suffer from intermittant food insecurity for a variety of reasons. IUFoST recognizes that wherever food insecurity exists because of a poor understanding about the conditions under which agricultural produce has to be handled, processed and distributed after harvesting, Food Science and Technology knowledge can play a decisive role in improving the situation dramatically. To turn the potentials of the Food Science Community into practical measures IUFoST’s Food Security Expert Panel is developing a strategy to expand and broaden the Food Science/Technology knowledge base in neglected areas and across disciplines.


IUFoST's Food Safety Expert Panel

"With increasing liberalization of trade, human food products, animal feed, and Ingredients incorporated in to both, are being globally distributed. Often food products contain components from processors in numerous countries highlighting the need for harmonized and equivalent standards. Food is only as safe as the standards of the weakest players in the food chain and no country is immune, pathogens and chemical contaminants do not respect national boundaries." Patrick Wall, Co-Chair IUFoST Expert Panel on Food Safety, Food Safety Committee