Nominations for the 2018 World Food Congress Not Open Yet


Reward excellence in food production, packaging and communication by nominating members of the food industry from around the world for the 5th IUFoST Global Food Industry Awards. This award showcases the creative work of food innovators in the areas of packaging design, nutrition, enterprise, food safety and products. It will be presented at the IUFoST World Congress of Food Science and Technology (World Food Congress) in Dublin, Ireland  August 21-25, 2016.


Awards will be made in three categories to food products that best display the following qualities:

  1. Product and/or process innovation including industrialization of traditional foods. Three awards will be presented. They are: a) Most innovative process b) innovative ingredient  c) industrialization of traditional foods.
  2. Package innovation, with specifics on the innovative part of the packaging and why it is important.
  3. Communicating science-related knowledge to consumers aimed at improving their lifestyle (e.g. children, teens, adults, seniors). Marketing campaigns may be nominated in this category.

A maximum of four (4) products can be nominated in each category. Note that products or processes cannot be more than four years old and products in supplement format are not eligible.


Nominations must be submitted online here (see below for online nomination form)

  • A brief description in point form (500 words or less) from the Nominator/Adhering Body in support of the nomination.
  • Specify under which category the product is entered.
  • A photo and/or video of the product, package (front and back of pack), and communication, if appropriate(JPEG format, minimum of 300 dpi, no larger than 1 MB). If the submission of a brief video is preferred, please advise and we will provide details on uploading to the IUFoST YouTube Competition site.  The video may not be more than two minutes in length.
  • When the product, package, communication was introduced.
  • Innovative features of the product, product, communication.
  • Why the product, package, communication is important.
  • The full name, address of the nominated company.
  • Principal contact with email address.
  • The name and contact details of the Nominator/Adhering Body submitting the nomination. Please indicate if the National Adhering Body is aware of this nomination.

Judging Process

The nominations will be assessed by a global panel. Closing date for nominations and receipt of information is TBA. Finalists will be notified in writing on or before TBA.  Finalists will be required to submit example packaging for final judging and exhibition during the World Food Congress, and awards will be presented during it. Awards for First, Second and Third will be presented in each category. An Honourable Mention will also be presented in each.

Nomination Form

Please send a copy of all online submitted documents to secretariat@iufost.org with subject line: Global Food Industry Awards.  


Nomination Information:
Full name of nominated company:
Address of nominated company:
Principal Contact of nominated company:
Contact Email Address of nominated company:
Contact Email:
Reason for the nomination in point form

 (150 words max.):

Product Introduction Date:
Product Description:

(150 words max.)

Product Features:

(150 words max.)

Product Importance:

(150 words max.)

Product Image 1:
Product Image 2:
Product Image 3:
Please send a copy of all online submitted documents to secretariat@iufost.org with subject line: Global Food Industry Awards.