Almond Board of California Newest Corporate Associate Member

September 2011 – IUFoST welcomes the Almond Board of California as a new Corporate Associate Member of IUFoST and as a new partner in the Union’s efforts towards solving global food issues.

Current and emerging issues in areas related to food science and technology are enormous and increasing. Our challenges and responsibilities multiply as the separation between those who have and those who do not grows globally. Food safety, water conservation, new and emerging technologies, functional foods, traditional practices and others are among those that must be addressed to find global solutions for the critical issues involved. This can be achieved best by working together in cooperative/collaborative efforts.

IUFoST President Geoffrey Campbell Platt: “The Almond Board of California has demonstrated its commitment to education and training, with particular emphasis on nurturing young scientists and students and encouraging innovation through awards programmes and competitions. The
Almond Board was a recipient of the President’s Award at the IUFoST world congress in Cape Town South Africa in 2010 because of its leadership in promoting education, innovation, food safety and public awareness. Their support and activities as a corporate associate member will help IUFoST in its mission to improve sustainable food safety and food security through the world.

Almond Board of California President and CEO Richard Waycott: “IUFoST is a great international organization that connects food professionals globally in pursuing solutions for worldwide food safety and security issues, and promoting food science education. Its mission perfectly coincides with the Almond Board’s beliefs and activities in food safety and food science education. The Almond Board of California is very proud to be a corporate associate member of IUFoST and commits to support and participate in its activities for the betterment of the global food supply.”

IUFoST serves as a world voice for the profession. It is the official representative for food science and technology to the International Council for Science (ICSU). IUFoST provides global leadership through its world congresses, working groups and task forces, and associations with other international bodies including FAO, WHO and others. Education is central to IUFoST’s work involving distance education activities in Sub-Saharan Africa, a textbook related to core curricula, and the provision of experts available worldwide on subjects in their particular expertise. IUFoST fosters the global exchange of scientific knowledge and ideas.