2018 Distinguished Lecturer

IUFoST announces 2018 Distinguished Lecturer for World Congress of Food Science and Technology

[30 April 2018] – The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) announced the 2018 Distinguished Lecturer for World Congress for Food Science and Technology to be held in Mumbai, India, 23 – 27 October 2018

Professor Dr.- Ing. Erich Josef Windhab

Professor Dr.- Ing. Erich Josef Windhab Photo

Professor Dr.- Ing. Erich Josef Windhab received the 2018 Distinguished Lecturer Award in recognition of the following outstanding achievements:

The IUFoST Distinguished Lecturer Award honours a world-renowned individual for pre-eminence in and contributions to the field of food science and technology or related area. Recipients are recognised for their significant contributions to scientific knowledge and recognized as an excellent communicator who can carry a message relevant to the food scientists and technologists.

Erich J. Windhab has been Full Professor of Food Process Engineering at the Institute of Food Science and Nutrition at the ETH Zurich since April 1992. After completing his studies in chemical engineering and process technology at the University of Karlsruhe, he received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the same university (Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics). From 1984 – 1988 Erich J. Windhab established his own engineering business, LTG Karlsruhe, specializing in process engineering and related consulting work.

At the request of the government of Lower Saxony, Germany, as well as the Volkswagen Foundation, E. J. Windhab served as Research Director to established the German Institute of Food Technology (DIL) in Quakenbrück/Osnabrück, an industrial research institute, in 1985. Two years later in 1987 he was promoted to vice president of DIL.

From 1988 to 1992 Professor Windhab acted as docent in Fluid Dynamics / Rheology at the Institute of Fluid Dynamics and Process Automation, Technical University Munich/Weihenstephan, Germany. He was invited to fill the position as Chair of Fluid Dynamics and Process Automation in Munich in the fall of 1991, but decided to follow an offer of ETH Zurich in April 1992 for the Chair of Food Process Engineering. Professor Windhab’s research priorities are fluid technological processes for functional microstructuring of multiphase systems, mainly in the food-related field. He connects the domains of rheology, soft bio-matter physics, fluid dynamics, particle technology, multi-scale structuring dynamics and apparatus-/process-/production design. Not only experimental but also modelling and numerical methods are incorporated. Interdisciplinary projects link Professor Windhab’s Laboratory for Food Process Engineering with a large number of laboratories worldwide and in particular with the food industry.

Professor Windhab has been previously recognized with many awards, including: the European Food Tec Award, Blaise Pascal Medal (European Academy of Sciences), International Nestlé Innovation Award, International Food Engineering Award (American Society of Agricultural and Bioengineering (ASABE)), Fellowship of IUFoST (International Union of Food Science and Technology) and the Life Time Achievement Award (International Academy of Engineering in Food, IAEF). He has published over 500 scientific research papers, over 80 patents and has been an invited speaker for more than 300 lectures.

Professor Dr.- Ing. Erich Josef Windhab truly exemplifies the professional qualities and accomplishments honoured by the Distinguished Lecturer Award.

IUFoST congratulates Professor Windhab on his outstanding achievements.

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