2018 Call for Nominations for the Academy Executive Committee

Dear Distinguished Fellows of the International Academy:

The Nominations and Elections Committee of the International Union of Food Science and Technology and the International Academy of Food Science and Technology hereby invite nominations for the following leadership positions of IAFoST for 2018 – 2020:

•    President,
•    President-Elect, and
•    Two members of the Academy Executive Council

The President and President-Elect of the Academy are elected by the Fellows of the Academy from among nominations made by the International Academy of Food Science and Technology.  Please note the following: “While no two representatives who are members of the Governing Council may be citizens of the same country; this shall not preclude the Scientific Council Chair-elect or the President-elect of the International Academy proceeding to the Scientific Council Chair or the Presidency of the International Academy, respectively if he or she is a citizen of the same country as the IUFoST President or President-elect or Immediate Past President.” Also note that the current President-Elect Paul Singh is stepping aside to provide a clean slate of leadership positions for the forthcoming elections.

Nominations will be accepted through r.yada@ubc.ca with a copy to the IUFoST Business Office Lynnda Nelson businessoffice@iufost.org, Subject Line: Nominations for the Academy: a nomination has been submitted. Please use form found below. The nomination process will close 1 June 2018.

Nomination Form | Nomination Guidelines | Nomination Letter